FIFA: EA is about to permanently change the name of its license

game news FIFA: EA is about to permanently change the name of its license

In the soap opera that opposes FIFA to EA Sports, today we learned that the studio would finally be willing to definitively abandon the name of its emblematic license in order not to pay the exploitation rights. Therefore, FIFA 23 would not be released under this name, but instead became EA Sports FC.

Goodbye FIFA, welcome EA Sports FC?

As we know, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association and Electronic Arts have been in conflict for some time. This information goes back several months, when Cam Weber, the general manager of EA Sports, mentioned the possibility of changing the name of FIFA games. This decision is motivated above all by the termination of the contract that linked FIFA with Electronic Arts and the excessively high sum that the Federation asked the studio to renew its agreements.

For its part, if the study refuses to pay the requested amount, it also mentions the lack of interest of the denomination itself, which would ultimately have become more of an “obstacle” than a real advantage. Today in people’s minds, FIFA echoes video games more widely than the Federation itself. Whether or not the interest in keeping the name is certainly debatable, Electronic Arts would have already chosen to ignore it. Thus, FIFA would become EA Sports FC, like other sports games from the studio such as EA Sports PGA Tour or EA Sports UFC for example. If the information is not new, it is the very famous Jeff Grubb who recently revived the debate by bringing up the subject on his podcast. GrubbSnax. According to him, this change should be formalized soon. Information that he returns with insistence but that has not yet been confirmed by EA.

FIFA leaves and then comes back

Concretely, what does the end of this association mean? For EA, not really much. In the event that the contract is not renewed, the studio loses the right to use the name, which will disappear from its visuals. Moreover, Electronic Arts will no longer have the right to exploit the World Cup. But apart from these slight changes, the content of the football games made at EA will be basically the same. Eventually, if the background doesn’t change massively, it’s possible that this rebranding will impact the image of the game with consumers. Remember that FIFA enters more than one billion euros each year only with its FUT mode.

Furthermore, if FIFA changes its name, it is not impossible that EA’s few competitors will monopolize the name. The Federation is obviously ready to give up its rights for a fee, to anyone willing to pay. after the debacle electronic footballWould Konami be ready to take the plunge? At the moment nothing is certain. Anyway, still according to Jeff Grubb, it is surprising that this effective name change has not yet been secured as EA was preparing to announce it later this month. We will have to watch to see if EA’s next soccer game will mark a turning point for its license or not.

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