Gasoline prices: why not all gas stations will apply the drop of 18 cents on April 1

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The government-initiated fuel discount will go into effect on April 1. Finally it will be 18 cents per liter. Not all gas stations will apply it on this date but sometimes they wait up to… three weeks.

Pump prices have once again exceeded €2 per liter in recent days at many service stations. Suffice it to say that motorists are eagerly awaiting the government-promised fuel discount.

The discount will not be 15 cents as initially announced, but 18 cents per liter. Specifically, service stations will continue to display their usual prices on the totems where the prices appear. The fuel discount will be applied when paying at the automatic pumps or at the checkout. “The idea is that you can see, when you have finished filling out, on your ticket, how much it should have cost you and how much you are really going to pay, so you can see that effort,” explained the Minister of the Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili, on RTL, Monday March 14. The fuel discount will apply for four months until the end of July 2022.

Up to 3 weeks waiting

As of Friday, April 1, all motorists will be able to benefit from the fuel discount. All of them, but maybe not right away. Sometimes it will be necessary to wait… three weeks! Stations will first have to empty their tanks to refuel with cheaper fuel. To understand the mechanism, you should know that the discount of 18 cents will be applied by the providers and not directly by the service stations. This is why the stations will have to liquidate their stocks before they can stock up at a better price.

A service station that sells large volumes of fuel – and requests it regularly – will be able to quickly apply the fuel discount. A station in a rural area, where flows are lower”, will have to wait a bit. “It can take between two days and, in extreme cases, three weeks,” explains the Figaro Frdéric Plan, General Delegate of the French Federation of Fuels, Fuels and Heating (FF3C). In order not to harm small stations and allow them to show more competitive prices from April 1, the State will offer them a lump-sum advance of €3,000 to be repaid in mid-September.

A bill of 2,000 million euros

Some motorists wonder why the state waited until April 1 to implement its fuel discount. The explanation is very simple: a decree had to be approved and the discussions between the State, the oil companies, the suppliers and the distributors took little time. The cost of the fuel discount for the State was calculated at “just over 2,000 million euros”, said Jean Castex.

Will the oil companies and distributors continue with their promotions?

Total Energies will generalize its discount of 10 cents per liter to all its stations, including motorway stations, from April 1. It will be cumulative with the government fuel discount. It has already been applied in the rural stations of the group since February.

Giant it will probably keep the liter of fuel at €1 on Friday and next Saturday. The operation is carried out by means of a voucher corresponding to the difference with the price paid at the pump. It is valid for a maximum of 50 liters and from €80 of purchases in store.

auchan will renew on April 1 and 2 the commercial operation launched on Friday. For the purchase of 30 liters of fuel, you receive a €6 voucher usable from €30 of racing.

Carrefour offers until March 31 a reduction of €0.15 per liter of fuel. It is credited to the loyalty card and can be deducted at checkout.

According to the magazine Automatic More, Leclerc and Intermarket it will probably multiply “fuels at cost price”. super u evokes an additional discount of 1 to 2 cents, again depending on the magazine.

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