La Voz – “Unbearable” “What a melon” “So embarrassing that I changed the channel” “The guy is embarrassing in embarrassment”: candidate generates discomfort during blind auditions

A sulphurous candidate in La Voz. This Saturday, March 26, 2022, Stephen di Tordo appeared for a blind audition in front of the show’s coaches. Provocative, he even threw his microphone on the ground and dared to make the most scathing jokes… A show that Internet users did not like at all… and that did not convince Vianney.

Capture écran TF1 direct / The Voice

Capture écran TF1 direct / The Voice

Last night of blind auditions on La Voz this Saturday, March 26, 2022. Although their teams were almost formed, the coaches of the season were determined not to lose additional talent. From the first candidate, Amel Bent broke the rules of the show by falling in love with David, a singer who works in private events. Although many praised his great voice on twitter, some felt that the candidate lacked a bit of modesty: after his performance, the coaches exchanged a bit with him as usual. And David took matters into his own hands. Without wanting to give his exact age: “I’m thirty years old,” the singer, wanting to show all his talent, did not hesitate to sing Caruso without being asked.

But it is not the one whose ego has shocked Internet users the most. After Velours, a 21-year-old Parisian woman who managed to captivate Marc Lavoine and Florent Pagny with her version of Larusso’s You Will Forget Me in piano voice, a certain Stephen di Tordo appeared on the scene. Singer, comedian and fan of petanque, the thirties took over from Come as you are by Kurt Cobain, hoarse voice and attitude of a rock star of support. Giving everything on stage, the candidate even threw his microphone at the end of his performance, a gesture that obviously did not please Amel Bent, nor the spectators. To many, Stephen di Tordo had crossed the line into disrespect. And it wasn’t his brash outbursts during questioning with the trainers that settled his case.

With his own humor, the candidate first shouted “Hello Baltard”, in reference to the program La Nouvelle Star, which at the time of its broadcast was filmed at the Pavillon Baltard. Introducing himself as “a kid from the ’90s” when the trainers asked him his age, he later recounted going to medical school for an amazing reason: “There was all the breast prosthesis issues, bursting breasts, so I told him myself there is a business”. No longer a provocation, he said: “I choose Louis Bertignac”, a former member of the jury, at the time of his choice. It will finally be Marc Lavoine who will have the honor, or not, of having this sulphurous character in his team. His comrade Vianney obviously doesn’t regret not turning around. “I can’t believe his character,” he even confessed when Stephen di Tordo returned backstage. The tweets totally agree with him… For them, despite his undeniable talent, the candidate does too much.

Video. Vianney rethinks a “too pretentious”, “selfish”, “unbearable” candidate who “has the boulard”: the Web applauds him

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