PS4, PS5: Before God of War, an uncertain year for PlayStation?

game news PS4, PS5: Before God of War, an uncertain year for PlayStation?

As Ghostwire Tokyo prepares to haunt PS5s around the world, the rest of PlayStation’s year isn’t quite ready to give us the creeps just yet, not out of fear, but out of fun. God of War Ragnarok doesn’t have a specific release date yet and Forspoken has just been pushed back to October. So should we worry about this beloved Sony?

That’s what we call a great start to the year. In the space of three months, PlayStation has raffled off two of its own PS4|PS5 games (Forbidden Horizon West, Grand Touring 7) and now prepares to welcome Ghostwire Tokyo, a temporary exclusive next generation console. Without forgetting other more modest but nonetheless important stunts, such as the arrival ofUncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection in January or SIFU – another console exclusive – a few days later. Sure, Sony has been busy giving its gamers a solid start to 2022. So, did she get tired? The question is valid. The postponement of abandoned from May to October on PC | PS5 gives way to a small period of scarcity. Apart from the latter and until the end of the year, no other PlayStation exclusive has yet a precise release date. And it seems that not to know more.

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This is not necessarily a bad omen. Sony has already shown it: the Japanese company can make an important announcement almost at any time, such as with the recent State of Play dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy (expected end of 2022). Even more so now that the firm has departed from the calendar of physical fashion shows for its biggest communication milestones, after the uproar of the health crisis. PlayStation speeches are much more about a “just in time” model now, and they’re not just limited to video dating. Sometimes a simple press release can be enough, as happened with the arrival of the PC version of God of War. Since the beginning of the year, Sony has also steered its ship nicely on this side, distilling details about the PSVR here, announcing a new acquisition there, including a acquisition very recently with Haven, Jade Raymond’s studio, to often remain in the spotlight.

Whenever we talk about the famous God of War: the second work, god of war ragnarok, is one of the PlayStation exclusives still planned for “2022”, but without further details. The continuation of the adventures of Kratos and Atreus should arrive this year. The company confirmed the information in a Article blog published last January. Same for the curious Little Devil Inside. Lostthe cute game with the little cat, is scheduled for “early 2022”. This detail could mean an announcement or an upcoming video show., although it is hard to see that Sony dedicated an entire meeting to the title. It will certainly be the icing on the cake of a future State of Play regarding Little Devil Inside. And a game state can occur almost at any time.

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It is almost a certainty: PlayStation will take the time to present one or more exclusives this year, starting with the highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok. Regarding the latter, it will undoubtedly be through a dedicated State of Play like what Sony did for Horizon Forbidden West. The rest will obviously have to wait until September. For the past two years, that’s when the company has been unleashing “E3 style” with its PlayStation Showcase. A format that gives us above all to see the planning of the show in the long term. Last year was particularly the occasion to discover Marvel Spider-Man 2 and Marvel Wolverine, two exclusives scheduled for next year and developed by Insomniac. Who knows what the 2022 edition holds for us?

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