without competition but not without flaws, concessions will have to be made!

In the little game of the price/performance ratio, Dacia was never me as a rival. An observation that has become increasingly true over the years since the arrival, in 2017, of the second generation of the Duster then in 2020 from the Sandero “3”. Alejandro Mesonero, who was at the helm of the design of the Romanian firm for a while, confided in us bluntly: “if Dacia disappeared, there would be a huge void in the automotive landscape, which no manufacturer could fill”. But it would not be a question of settling for the brand on the sole pretext that its prices are unbeatable.. The Spring He came to remind us bluntly last year, putting services worthy of the 90s back on the market, the only way to contain an “acceptable” sale price for a 100% electric vehicle, more than €17,000 also without bonuses… of accounts, it is some of the same logic that applies to Jogger. Understand that if the benefits of the new 7-seater Dacia family are remarkable in all aspects, it imposes some concessions if it is the one you choose.

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Habitability still imperfect

Despite its rather large size (4.55m), we must not forget that the Jogger is still a Sandero Pass “extended”. In fact, if the space left for the legs in the 2nd and 3rd row is very correct, the width at the elbows and shoulders is not the same as in a minivanif it is a traditional format Ford S Max or a recreational vehicle such as the peugeot rifter Last generation. Even the Lodge, which this Jogger replaces, offered more space on board. Traveling aboard the Jogger is not a punishment, but it does not receive its passengers with the same affection as a large station wagon. The children will run at their expense on the bench, they will have to count their place if there are three.

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Our measures of rear habitability

Model Width in elbows AR1 Width in elbows AR2 shoulder width AR1 shoulder width AR2
ModelJogger Dacia Width in elbows AR1140cm Width in elbows AR2125cm shoulder width AR1136cm shoulder width AR2121cm
ModelDacia Lodge Width in elbows AR1147cm Width in elbows AR2130cm shoulder width AR1142cm shoulder width AR2131cm
ModelFord S Max Width in elbows AR1160cm Width in elbows AR2140cm shoulder width AR1152cm shoulder width AR2138cm
Modelpeugeot rifter Width in elbows AR1153cm Width in elbows AR2121cm shoulder width AR1147cm shoulder width AR2117cm
ModelCitroën Gran C4 Space Tourer Width in elbows AR1149cm Width in elbows AR2118cm shoulder width AR1143cm shoulder width AR2115cm

That small-car feel is also felt up front, where nothing differentiates the Jogger from the Sandero Stepway that underpins it. While driving a minivan or SUV gives some drivers an indescribable and not always well-founded sense of security, he doesn’t end up behind the wheel of the Jogger..

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Some rusticities along the way

Furthermore, in terms of road services, if the new Romanian family car provides all the points, doesn’t offer the same refinement as a used MPV or SUV, even after a few years. In fact, we find the same sensations at the wheel of the Jogger as at the wheel of the Sandero, with undeniable suspension comfort, empty or loaded, and a chassis that is always safe. But in return you have to deal with air noises on the road that betray the voluntary dead ends in the isolators, although the Jogger has added some compared to the Sandero! – to lower manufacturing costs, a multimedia universe sufficient but already almost outdated and, it must be said, fair performance for the moment. Because if the ECO-G 100 and TCe 110 are doing better than some older diesels, the 1.0 turbo 3-cylinder is still a small engine that should not be asked for the moon once passengers and luggage are loaded.. To benefit from other benefits, we will have to wait for next year’s 140 hp hybrid, which will also be much more expensive…

Conclusion: a great choice, but be careful with your requirements!

From less than €15,000 for the basic 5-seater finish to around €20,000 for the 7-seater and with all the options, the Dacia Jogger remains without competition and will remain so for a long time. Because its price/performance/size ratio is simply unbeatable and it is modern enough not to give the slightest impression of a low cost car. This is still a new coup for the Romanian firm. But keep in mind that the Jogger is still a “stretched” Sandero. And the few faults that are tolerated in a city car given less demanding use are no longer necessarily tolerable in a truck.. Those looking for the right companion to comfortably carry weapons and luggage will still have reason to hesitate with a used minivan or SUV, whose space and refinement will be superior.

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