an agency created by the ‘world’s most awarded’ creative team

With a total of 44 Cannes Lions and counting, for their next challenge, the “world’s most awarded” creative team will inject some energy into advertising, launching an idea-driven, purpose-driven agency called AKQA Bloom.

Moving from their roles as executive creative directors at David Miami, Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro will transition from WPP to AKQA.

Despite ties to the AKQA name, the couple insist the agency will be autonomous.

“Bloom is an independent-minded agency with full autonomy to make decisions about which clients it works with and whom it hires. You will implement your own business and creative vision. AKQA is an essential part because we believe it is the best place to incubate this project”, explains Zamprogno, noting that AKQA Bloom has its own studio in Miami, instead of sharing space with any other agency.

At David Miami, Jean Zamprogno and Fernando Pellizzaro, also known as Zampa & Zara, built a reputation as agents of change, driving conversations on issues affecting LGBT+ communities, renewable energy, clean food, and education on health initiatives like donation of blood and access to vaccines.

That’s why Bloom’s mission since launch has been to protect the planet, open minds and enrich lives by inspiring businesses to make an impact that goes beyond communication.

“The focus will be on ideas. We try to avoid labeling our work because ideas can be everything,” Pellizzaro explains. “In fact, our work is less about advertising and more about applying creativity, craftsmanship and love, so that brands can go beyond their business and contribute to society in a more positive and meaningfully, helping them move from being part of the problem to being part of the problem. being part of the solution. AKQA Bloom is based on ideas and has a purpose”.

Together the minds behind The Moldy Whopper, the pair have won over 400 international awards and are currently ranked number one among the most awarded creative directors in 2020/2021, according to Cannes Global Creative Report.

An AKQA spokesperson stresses that, given their success, it is significant for the advertising industry when a team like Zampa & Zara decides to change their career in another direction.

“After years of consistently great results, they were flattered to be approached by the top agencies globally. Still, they were wondering what they really wanted to do next and how they could make a meaningful contribution to society.”

“It was then that they decided to focus their energy, effort and experience on building Bloom, being AKQA the best place to incubate this project, sharing the same values, goals, ethics and ambitions”.

Ahead of its spring debut, Bloom is already working on a number of large-scale project-based collaborations with organizations including Volvo, Nike and Paul Smith.

“Bloom has a clear business focus,” Pellizzaro insists. “We want to work for global brands willing to make a difference in the world. Their scope and scale can revolutionize their respective categories.”

“But also work for brands with purpose at their core; the more they grow, the more they push the industry to be better. For some of these brands, we can be AOR Bloom will collaborate with brands that work at the intersection of culture and purpose, finding the right balance between brand love and brand trust.”

Bloom is currently operating with a team of eight people. “But we are hiring and making appointments,” Zamprogno said.

He continued, “We hope to be a core team of 15 people very soon. We will then grow based on the response. We also hope to have another AKQA Bloom studio on the West Coast of the US in the next 12 months. Like our Miami studio, it will serve local, national and international organizations.”

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