Covid-19 positive voters “will be able to go vote”, says government spokesman Gabriel Attal

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3:00 p.m. : Initially scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9 am, the press conference of Ministers Amélie de Montchalin and Olivier Dussopt will take place this afternoon at 7 pm at the Ministry of the Economy in Paris. The two members of the government “will hold a press conference on the use of consulting firms”so what The controversy over the McKinsey cabinet parasitizes the campaign of Emmanuel Macron.

1:59 p.m. : At just over 1pm, here’s a selection of not-to-be-missed content on our site today:

the article to read to understand The controversy over the McKinsey cabinet, which interferes with Emmanuel Macron’s campaign

• Food, rurality, pesticides… What do the presidential candidates propose for agriculture?

From Syria to Ukraine, here are the similarities of the wars fought by Russia

12:17 p.m. : It’s noon, here’s a new point in the news:

• The Russian army continued to carry out air strikes on Chernihiv, announce the local authorities, despite the announcement made yesterday by Moscow of a reduction in its military activities in the area. follow our live.

• Several candidates participate at the moment at the grand oral organized by the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA) in Besançon (Doubs). On this occasion, franceinfo offers you an overview of the programs suitors to the Elysee on agriculture.

• Did Salah Abdeslam replace Mohamed Abrini in the November 13 commandos at short notice? In the trial for these attacks, the special criminal court in Paris questions this afternoon the main accused during a night of terror. It will be to continue in this direct.

Following Yvan Colonna’s death, an investigative report made available to franceinfo explains in part why no one intervened during his attack on Arles prison. This is what you can read there..

11h42 : Starving dogs, a sick one-eyed cat, a slaughtered deer: In a short film, the SPA asks the future president to appoint an animal rights advocate at his inauguration. “This independent authority will centralize, control and multiply the actions to guarantee respect for animal welfare”defend the SPA.


12h02 : Green candidate Yannick Jadot criticized the appeal of the president of the national federation of huntersWilly Schraen, to vote for Emmanuel Macron. “One of the main laws that we will make if the French decide, if we govern, will be a law of separation of the lobbies and the State”said Yannick Jadot in CNews.

12:00 : The government is trying to respond to the controversial McKinsey, which upsets Emmanuel Macron’s campaign : Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Transformation and Public Service, and Olivier Dussopt, Delegate Minister of Public Accounts, will speak at a press conference on the subject, franceinfo learned this morning, confirming information from politician. This ministerial speech should take place tomorrow, according to a government source, two weeks after the publication of a Senate report that criticizes the use of consulting firms during the current five-year period.

11:55 : A month after the Agricultural Fair, several candidates put one foot in the stirrup and go to Besançon for the congress of the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA). Between those who want to produce more to guarantee France’s food sovereignty and those who first think of producing better to take into account the environment, we summarize in this article what the agricultural candidates are proposing.

Produce more or produce better?  The candidates for the presidential election decline his proposals on agriculture, a sector highly destabilized by the war in Ukraine.  (ELLEN LOZON / FRANCEINFO)


11:53 a.m. : Jean-Luc Mélenchon said this morning about France Inter being the “the most concrete vote to eliminate the extreme right in the first round” of the presidential election, defending himself from wanting to use “the helpful vote argument”. The candidate of La France insoumise has established himself as the third candidate in recent pollsbut remains, in voting intentions, several points behind Marine Le Pen for the second round classification.

11:51 a.m. : Following our special operation on the analysis of the programs of the candidates for the climate. Although most of the candidates make proposals aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the association Les Shifters, with which we have collaborated, has identified in the programs of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, Marine Le Pen and Jean Lassalle the measures that considered contrary to this objective. . we come back to that in this article.

In collaboration with Les Shifters, publishes an analysis of the presidential candidates' programs according to France's climate goals.  (JESSICA KOMGUEN / FRANCEINFO)


11h44 : It’s after nine, here’s a new point in the news:

• Following the death of Yvan Colonna, an investigative report made available to franceinfo explains in part why no one intervened during his attack on Arles prison. This is what you can read there..

“I want to top the price of gasoline”Debout la France candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said this morning on franceinfo. follow his interview In our life.

“We will judge the actions, not the ads, reacted Anne-Claire Legendrespokesman for the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, since Russia promised yesterday to reduce the fighting in the cities of kyiv and Chernihiv, after the peace talks in Istanbul.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has condemned the “recent terrorist attacks” in Israel, while three attacks in one week left at least 11 dead. The United Nations calls for an immediate end to the violence.

10:17 a.m. : “I am a candidate because I believe that the French do not want to find this duel [de 2017]. Today, I have absolutely no idea who will be in the second round.”

Nicholas Dupont-Aignan is questioned about his rallyFive years ago, to Marine LePen during the middle rounds.

08h47 : Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is currently discussing on franceinfo the vital card fraud, which he estimates at 20 billion euros. Our journalist Alice Galopin had already verified the claims on this subject. here is your article.

10:16 : “I want all French people who save their whole lives to have a home so they can pass it on to their children. It’s a simple measure.”

Nicholas Dupont-Aignan currently present his measures on franceinfo, and mentions in particular a “generalized depression [des droits de succession] in the main residence.

08h34 : Eleven days before the first round, franceinfo continues to receive the twelve candidates for the presidential election. The day after a visit to the Moselle, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, president of Debout la France, is the guest of the “Presidential Mornings”. Follow the program on our live.

08h07 : The controversy broke out at a bad time for Emmanuel Macron. A Senate report published in mid-March denounces the “addiction” from the current government to consulting firms, as well as the tax optimization practiced by the American company McKinsey. What does this report say? What were McKinsey’s missions? here it is the article to read to understand this controversy.

07h53 : Good morning @francoiswe just dedicated a file, in the framework “franceinfo approach”, to the public hospital crisis so that this issue is more fundamental in the presidential campaign. Staff leakage, work overload, budget restrictions… Find our articles here. Also, for readers wondering about the situation at the CHR d’Orléans, the central republic Just yesterday he was talking about it in his columns.

07h52 : Hi FI! In this rich news and in this electoral campaign, it would be appropriate to talk about the critical situation of the public hospital like what is currently happening in the Orleans CHR with the closure of adult emergencies due to lack of staff….thank you FI!

10h01 : According to information from Parisian confirmed by France Inter, Valérie Pécresse will not be able to count on the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy at their great Parisian meeting that will take place on Sunday at the Porte de Versailles. Should we see a release? “He has been out of the game since the start of the campaign”minimizes a close friend of the former president. “It’s Your Choice”he gathers the candidate’s retinue at his side.

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