Death of Martín Aramburu: “He defended a person as he defended his shirt”, his former teammates testify

In the Top 14, Montpellier travel to Perpignan on Saturday April 2 at a club still shaken by the death of former Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramburu. Between misunderstanding and sadness, they remember his former classmates.

“Don’t put on a solemn or sad face. Keep laughing at what made us laugh together,” said Maria, the wife of three orphaned children, during the last “hug” given on Saturday in Biarritz. at the funeral of Federico Martín Aramburu. Do not Cry. But, how to ask the Pumas to remain impassive when they have spent their lives fighting being transcended by their emotional fiber?

More than 1,000 people, including big names in French and Argentine rugby, attended Federico Martin Aramburu’s funeral in Biarritz this Saturday to give a “last hug” to this former player shot to death on March 19 in Paris, at the age of 42. . #AFP

– Agence France-Presse (@afpfr) March 26, 2022

“Injustice disgusted him”

At the other end of the line, former second row Rimas Alvarez-Kairelis is trying to do what he can. “It was a luxury to have him as a partner, he brought everyone together. Always the banana, always positive, he was someone who really thought of others. He may have died because of that, wanting to defend someone, because injustice disgusted him.”

His voice chokes, then gives way to an unforgiving silence. The scare is still extremely brutal for “RAK”. Not one more word to describe the friendship that binds him to “Fédé”, shot to death at 42 in the heart of Paris, on March 19, the morning of the Grand Slam des Bleus.

They’ve been through it all together

Federico and Rimas played in the 2007 World Cup in France, humiliating Bernard Laporte’s Tricolores twice, in the group stage and for the match for 3rd place, the best classification in the history of the Pumas. An extended club adventure in Perpignan (2006-08). Together, they have been through it all.

“At the time, ‘Fédé’ was injured, he was going to see all possible physios to be able to compete in the World Cup. Finally, he did it and scored one of the best tries in the competition,” said Sebastiano Bozzi. , alias “Papy”, another former member of the house of blood and gold, who claims not to “sleep since this terrible news.”

Aimé-Giral will pay tribute to him

Biarritz and Catalonia cry in the same desolation. As if the last two of the Top 14 had to suffer the ordeal of mourning as a prize. On Saturday, for the Perpignan-Montpellier match, there will be a minute of applause at Aimé-Giral. An hour before, a tribute will have been paid in front of the “Wall of Legends”, at the entrance of the stadium.

Faced with the inexplicable, Álvarez-Kairelis, now a member of the Usap staff, only wants to say that Federico Martín Aramburu “was unanimous everywhere he went, in Bayonne, at Usap, in Dax, in Glasgow”.

Funeral of Federico Martín-Aramburu, long applause at the end of the ceremony in #Biarritz.

— SO_Paysbasque (@SO_Paysbasque) March 26, 2022

“We defend it as our own”

Bozzi reveals the deep soul: “Fédé defended a person as he defended his shirt. There is one thing that identifies us Argentines. In any club we have been to they receive us like kings. Once we put on the shirt, we defend it like ours (the country’s)”.

tolerance and difference

Martin Aramburu had that reputation, of course, as a flashy center or grinning winger. “I spoke to him on the phone the Thursday before his death, he was to come to my family soon…”, Bozzi breathes again, swallowing his incomprehension.

At the funeral, at the foot of the Sainte-Eugénie church, on the Biarritz seafront, the deceased’s mother, Cecilia, stressed that her son defended “tolerance” and “difference”. A certain idea of ​​rugby, imbued with Argentine nobility. Goodbye Frederick.

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