It all starts here (spoilers): Was Celia drugged without her knowledge?

On March 31, 2022 at It all starts here (18:30, TF1), Deva and Souleymane grow apart, Zacharie is reframed by Teyssier and Célia inexplicably loses consciousness…

On the Thursday, March 31, 2022 episode ofHere it all begins, Deva (Kathy Packianathan) assures Vikash what everything is over between her and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo). He is happy that she has decided to remain his fiancée. pink (Vanessa Demouy) and anthony (Frédéric Diefenthal) are worried about Souleymane because he’s been totally depressed ever since the breakup. The young man decides to leave his house, meets Deva and tries to strike up a conversation. she reminds him that it is better that they distance themselves. She then crosses Kelly (Axelle Dodier) and decide to go shopping. Vikash wants to go with them, but Deva tells him no. She feels that he is looking at her.

Zachary (Julien Alluguette) organizes a course on the theme of Easter but does not offer chocolate recipes, much to Hortense’s (Catherine Davydzenka) annoyance. This one is very disappointed, as is Mehdi (Marvin Pellegrino). teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) goes to class and asks Zacharie why his module doesn’t include chocolate.. He explains that he finds it corny.. The director calls him to order: he is a teacher and has a program to follow. The pastry chef reluctantly complies. Hortense, Mehdi and all the other students are delighted!

Célia inexplicably loses consciousness in It All Begins Here

celia (Rebekah Benhamour) she is terrified by the person who looks at her and harasses her. Hortense and Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) try to reassure her but she fears that she will be attacked at any moment.. celia and theo (Khaled Alouach) taste their dishes for the Easter menu at teyssier and claire (Catherine Marchal) in the afternoon. She goes to practice and doesn’t get disturbing messages, she’s happy. Elliott brings him lunch. Later, Theo tries to contact her but she doesn’t respond. She is immediately concerned and asks Elliott and Jasmine (Zoï Séverin) to help him search for her. She is found unconscious in a locker room, regains consciousness but is disoriented. Celia sees the time and rushes to the tasting. Once again, she misses preparing her… Claire and Emmanuel give them one last chance tomorrow. Théo and Célia don’t understand how she could have fallen asleep like that before. Elliott thinks someone put a sleeping pill in Celia’s food, he suspects Charlène (Pola Petrenko) because he saw her near the dish he was preparing for his friend at noonwill continue on Here everything begins.

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