Nothing ‘promising’ in Russian-Ukrainian talks, says Kremlin

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1:23 p.m. : “Planes and artillery fired on a building marked with a red cross on a white background”, announce Lioudmila Denisova (in Russian), Commissioner for Human Rights in the Parliament of Ukraine. There is no information on possible victims yet. The Ukrainian official denounces “a war crime” and a violation of the 1949 Geneva Convention.


1:23 p.m. : The Russian army bombed a Red Cross building in Mariupol, according to a Ukrainian official.

1:08 p.m. : At just over 1pm, here’s a selection of not-to-be-missed content on our site today:

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Food, rurality, pesticides… What do the presidential candidates propose for agriculture?

From Syria to Ukraine, here are the similarities of the wars fought by Russia.

12h53 : Russia’s chief negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky, will speak today in Istanbul to clarify the negotiations with Ukraine.

12h39 : “There was no progress in the debates on the humanitarian operation in Mariupol”, continues Dmitri Peskov, the day after the telephone conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin. the french president ask for a truce to evacuate the besieged population and deliver aid.

12h36 : Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov referred to other issues. He announced that the ruble payment mechanism for Russian gas will be applied from tomorrow. “It’s a process that takes time.” The idea of ​​charging in rubles for other goods (fertilizers, coal, metals, wood…) could be examined. as stated (in Russian) Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the Duma, the Russian Parliament.

12h32 : The spokesman for the Russian presidency, however, described as “positive” the fact that the Ukrainian side has “He finally began to formulate his proposals concretely and to put them in writing.” “We carefully avoid making public statements about the fund” topics that are the subject of the talks, because “We believe that negotiations should take place” discreetly, added Dmitry Peskov.

12h31 : This is an announcement that dims the hopes of a decisive advance in the negotiations. Talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations in Istanbul yesterday did not produce results “very promising” nor to any “discovery”says the Kremlin.

12h28 : Three weeks after leaving Ukraine, 16-year-old refugee Vika talks about his new life in France. Vika and her mother Valentina arrived at the beginning of March. Several weeks after fleeing the Russian offensive, they bear witness to her new daily life.

Vika, 16, paints in her room at Patrick's.  She made this painting in two days.  She would like to pursue artistic studies.  (AGATHE MAHUET / RADIO FRANCE)


12h22 : If the Ukrainians do not dominate the sky since the beginning of the Russian invasion, drones are their strong point. In Kyiv, the Aerovidka unit uses them to detect and neutralize Vladimir Putin’s armored columns. Explanations in this report by Etienne Monin and Gilles Gallinaro.

12:17 p.m. : It’s noon, here’s a new point in the news:

• The Russian army continued to carry out air strikes on Chernihiv, local authorities announce, despite yesterday’s announcement by Moscow of a reduction in its military activities in the region. follow our live.

• Several candidates participate at the moment at the grand oral organized by the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA) in Besançon (Doubs). On this occasion, franceinfo offers you an overview of the programs suitors to the Elysee on agriculture.

• Did Salah Abdeslam replace Mohamed Abrini in the November 13 commandos at short notice? In the trial for these attacks, the special criminal court in Paris questions this afternoon the main accused during a night of terror. It will be to continue in this direct.

Following Yvan Colonna’s death, an investigative report made available to franceinfo explains in part why no one intervened during his attack on Arles prison. This is what you can read there..

11:50 : In Berlin (Germany), strangers covered a tank with a Ukrainian flag at the Soviet Memorial. This was later removed. The Russian Embassy evokes a “desecration of the monument”, reports the Russian Foreign Ministry. A letter was sent to German diplomacy demanding the prosecution of the perpetrators.

12h04 : The flight of Ukrainians continues. The number of refugees who have left their country since the invasion of the Russian army on February 24 crossed the symbolic bar 4 million people, according to figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Europe has not experienced such population movements since World War II.

11h21 : Russian troops stationed in Kyiv are transferred to Donbass and Mariupol, says the Ukrainian presidential adviser Alexei Arestovich, in the Ukrainian television marathon dedicated to the war. He adds, however, that the Russian army will keep some of its troops outside the capital, to prevent Ukrainian troops from reaching other regions. According to him, the active phase of hostilities should last “one more week, if not more”.

11:57 a.m. : French companies must apply the sanctions taken against Russia, “all sorrows and nothing but sorrows”said Bruno Le Maire. This statement comes a few days after the Ukrainian president urged French companies to leave Russia. Decathlon and Renault have suspended their activities there, but Auchan or Leroy Merlin, on the other hand, have decided to stay. “Each company, depending on its situation on the ground, can make different decisions”said the Minister of Economy Europe 1.

11:49 a.m. : The Russian army also fought near Irpin, in the suburbs of kyiv, according to Vadim Denisenko, adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. “At this stage, it cannot be said that the Russians are reducing the intensity of their operations in the kyiv and Chernihiv directions”says the manager on Rada TV.

09h46 : The head of the Chernihiv regional administration, Vyacheslav Chaus, says that Moscow has not reduced its military activity in the region, as promised yesterday. The Russian army hit the city of Nijyn, he said, and attacked Chernihiv through the night. “Civil infrastructure, libraries, shopping centers, many houses have been destroyed.”

11:47 : The Russian military has continued to carry out airstrikes in Chernihiv, local authorities say, despite yesterday’s announcement by Moscow that it was reducing its military activities in the region.

09h23 : Remembering the Russian intervention in Syria also helps understand Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade UkraineThat looks like a miscalculation. “It is possible that he was galvanized by what is perceived as operational success in Syria, and that he blinded himself”Isabelle Facon believes. as she observed “impunity” with which his ally Bashar Al-Assad had been able to use chemical weapons. Far from the strong reaction of the West to defend Ukraine.

A devastated street in Aleppo (Syria) after a bombing on April 28, 2016, during the siege of the city by the Syrian army and its Russian ally.  (AMEER AL-HALBI / AFP)


11:46 a.m. : “Unfortunately, we continue with the same Russian logic: indiscriminate bombings, the so-called humanitarian ‘corridors’ designed to later accuse the adversary of not respecting them, and talks with no other objective than pretending to negotiate.”

Russia is also waging psychological warfare. In Syria, she knew how to play endless negotiations and procrastination in humanitarian corridors. This method is also applied to Ukraine, explains Jean-Yves Le Drian, but also specialists what we interviewed.

11:45 a.m. : In Mariupol as in Syria, “I do not think that the intention is to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians, but rather that it is about terrorizing the populations”explains Emile Hokayem, Syrian conflict analyst. Isabelle Facon, a specialist in the Russian army, summarizes the strategy as follows: relentlessly bombard “eroding support for the armed forces and causing the population to leave”.

11:45 a.m. : The Russian army says it has changed its strategy in Ukraine, but continues to besiege Mariupol. The fate of this major port city in the country’s southeast, where the Ukrainian authorities say they have registered at least 5,000 dead, invites comparisons with the siege of Grozny, in Chechnya, but especially with the Russian intervention in Syria. I leaned the parallels between Russia’s modus operandi in the two countries.

A building destroyed by the fighting in Mariupol, Ukraine, March 26, 2022. (ANADOLU AGENCY / AFP)


11h44 : It’s after nine, here’s a new point in the news:

• Following the death of Yvan Colonna, an investigative report made available to franceinfo explains in part why no one intervened during his attack on Arles prison. This is what you can read there..

“I want to top the price of gasoline”Debout la France candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan said this morning on franceinfo. follow his interview In our life.

“We will judge the actions, not the ads, reacted Anne-Claire Legendrespokesman for the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, since Russia promised yesterday to reduce the fighting in the cities of kyiv and Chernihiv, after the peace talks in Istanbul.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, has condemned the “recent terrorist attacks” in Israel, while three attacks in one week left at least 11 dead. The United Nations calls for an immediate end to the violence.

10:13 a.m. : “We will judge the actions, not the announcements. (…) We must be very careful with the evaluation that we make of the progress of the negotiations (…) We have seen in the past several rounds that did not give any results.”

Anne-Claire Legendre commented this morning on franceinfo the announcement made by Russia to reduce the fighting around the cities of kyiv and chernihiv, following the peace talks in istanbul.

07h27 : Several hundred Ukrainian children arrive in France every day. According to the Ministry of Education, there are 5,266 students, distributed 3,301 in high schools, 1,508 in high schools and 439 in high schools. To organize your reception, a “Ukrainian unit” has been created on rue de Grenelle. We tell you how its members work.

10h00 : Before the UN Security Council, Russia was accused yesterday of having provoked a “global food crisis” having started a war against Ukraine, the “barn of Europe”. France’s ambassador to the UN, Nicolas de Rivière, stated in particular: “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine increases the risk of famine around the world. People in developing countries are the first to be affected.”

09:57 : Several newspapers report on the announced Russian military withdrawal around kyiv and another large Ukrainian city, a “diplomatic enlightenment” promised by Moscow after the peace talks in Istanbul. “Westerns expect signs of military de-escalation on the ground”no matter how moderate Break free.

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