Pierre Niney scandalized: this tweet without appeal on the Will Smith affair

Many celebrities reacted to Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars this Sunday, March 27. This Wednesday it was Pierre Niney’s turn to share his opinion on this lunar altercation. In a tweet without appeal, the actor strongly condemned the use of physical violence.

Decidedly, this is a topic that draws crowds, even across the Atlantic. This Wednesday, Pierre Niney, for his part, spoke about this famous slap that has been talked about so much for three days. A quick reminder of the facts, which you probably know by heart: on Sunday, March 27, the 94th Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles. While Chris Rock onstage makes a dubious joke about Jada Pinkett Smith -who suffers from alopecia-, the latter’s husband, Will Smith, arrives on stage to slap her. A moment in full view that has since continued to fuel discussions. The reason ? Will Smith’s gesture divides. While some praise the actor defending his wife, others denounce the use of violence. Pierre Niney clearly falls into the latter category, judging by his tweet on Wednesday, which summarizes Jim Carrey’s disapproving comments about this incident. “I was upset. He was upset by the standing ovation (which came after Will Smith’s win and after the incident, editor’s note). I was under the impression that Hollywood had no value (…) If you want to yell from your seat or show your disapproval or say something on Twitter or whatever… You have no right to go on stage and slap someone for saying words… .“, the American actor had dropped in an interview on Tuesday. To which Pierre Niney added: “In what world do people live who defend an act of physical violence against a valve (no matter how bad)? Couldn’t Will Smith have responded to this valve? Answer with words? Are these really the values ​​you want to pass on to your children?

Pierre Niney: his tweet about Will Smith arouses the anger of Internet users

A tweet that has, once again, set fire to gunpowder. Among the Internet users who condemn the jokes about the disease, those who minimize the violence and those who reproach the French actor for turning a blind eye to the coronation of certain alleged sexual predators in the cinema, it is not today that the world finds in common ground. ..

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