RTX 3070Ti: the most sought after graphics card available for sale right now!

Good news RTX 3070Ti: the most sought after graphics card available for sale right now!

Surprise on the Rue du Commerce! The RTX 3070Ti is available and at an additional discount! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen such a promotion on such a product! In addition to that, we are facing one of the most powerful cards of the moment! With its supercharged power, you’ll be able to enjoy all the latest games in superb definition!

Nvidia’s latest mid-range card is currently on sale at Rue du Commerce! With its 8 GB of memory in GDDR6X format, it is clearly at the front of the stage and will allow you to run all the AAA of the moment!

Buy the RTX 3070ti at €799 at Rue du Commerce

With COVID-19, the hardware industry was hit hard by the shutdown of production lines for certain components, including semiconductors. In fact, only a few factories in the world can meet the demand. And after the resumption of economic activity, the latter were overwhelmed by the demand for parts from many sectors.

This has led to shortages and a drastic increase in the price of graphics cards. Which means that in 2020 and 2021 it was particularly difficult to build a good quality gaming PC.

But we are beginning to see the end, and the promo for this next-generation graphics card is clear proof of that.

And we are not talking about just any graphics card, it is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070Ti, the mid-range offered by Nvidia, but revisited with a significant plus of power.

Capable of running all games in Full HD with full features, it is especially in the 1440p slot that the graphics card unleashes its full power. In fact, at 2K the RTX 3070Ti is particularly suitable, especially if you want to take advantage of Ray-Tracing!

RTX 3070Ti: Nvidia’s supercharged mid-range

The entry-level RTX 3070 is Nvidia’s mid-range card. Completely dominating 1080p, very comfortable at 1440p, and even capable of running certain games in 4K, the RTX 3070 was entitled to change to benefit from a power boost.

Accustomed to the fact, Nvidia launches the Ti version of the 3070. And we can say that they did not go there with a dead hand.

There are 6144 CUDA cores capable of clocking up to 1.77GHz, 8GB of GDDRX video memory, and of course the entire Ampere framework and architecture that gives this card its full breadth.

Thanks to this, the RTX 3070 can run games fully in 1440p at 120fps with Ray-Tracing enabled (and you can even turn on DLSS if you want).

In short, this is an ideal card for PC gamers who want to enjoy their games in the best resolutions, and above all, at a more or less affordable price.

Buy the RTX 3070ti at €799 at Rue du Commerce

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