The violent confrontation between Géraldine Maillet and Cyril Hanouna shocks Internet users

This Wednesday, March 30, Cyril Hanouna and the columnists of “Touche pas à mon poste!” wanted to return to the threats received by Laurent Fontaine after announcing his support for the candidate Emmanuel Macron. On Monday night, on the set of TPMP, the host described Eric Zemmour’s endorsements in particular as “fachos.” During tonight’s debate, Cyril Hanouna violently reformulated Géraldine Maillet.

High tensions this week in TPMP. After last Monday’s tense debate between Laurent Fontaine and Olivier Ubéda, organizer of the meeting ofEric Zemmour at the Trocadero, C8 viewers once again witnessed a skirmish between Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet. This Wednesday night, the star presenter of TPMP again invited to the set Lawrence Fontaine to return to the lynching and the threats that the latter has suffered since his demonstrations in support of Emmanuel Macron but also since his statements against the supporters of the candidate Eric Zemmour, supporters whom he described as “fachos”.

This afternoon, on the same set, Laurent Fontaine clarified his statements: “There is a real public that votes for Zemmour and that is a public of fachos and I was talking in particular about the people who were at the Trocadéro.” Fabien Roussel, PCF candidate for the presidential elections, also present on the set, reacted to the words of the former TF1 presenter: “We must stop pigeonholing voters: fascism, when it was in power, has caused millions of deaths (…) Today there are citizens, French, who vote without any particular political attachment: they are angry, they have heard someone on television who stays with what they can think but not necessarily behind the whole program (…) Voters will suddenly vote for the extreme right, sometimes also for the left, but very often they don’t vote anymore, so you have to go and convince them first.”

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“It’s too much with Géraldine, she has H24 on her back!”

Géraldine Maillet then launched: “Nazi greetings in Villepinte, isn’t it anger?” A question, echoing a gesture that took place in the audience of a meeting of candidate Eric Zemmour, which immediately drew the ire of Cyril Hanouna. “Baba” immediately called the columnist a “lesson giver”: “You are still giving lessons. Have a little respect for the French: you tire everyone, you are unbearable, everyone says so! (…) The French do what they they want, they are not like you with a comfortable salary, with a very good life…”

A violent pass of arms followed: “You don’t know my life Cyril!” “I know what you earn here…” “Yes, but you don’t know my life, I’m 50 years old, you don’t know what I did before…”

This tension between the two protagonists of the program is not new, but Internet users have criticized the particular virulence of tonight’s clash, denouncing in particular a real “humiliation” of the columnist. Moments later, Géraldine Maillet received numerous tweets of support.

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