Tribute to Prince Philip: These cash instructions from Kate and William to George and Charlotte on arrival

An expert in lip reading has analyzed the words spoken by Kate Middleton to her daughter, Princess Charlotte, during the ceremony in honor of Prince Philip. This was held on Tuesday March 29 at Westminster Abbey.

The royal family met this Tuesday, March 29, to pay a new tribute to Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh died in April 2021, aged 99. A sad news that had been announced by the palace of Buckingham Palace, indicating that there was “peacefully extinguishedThus, a ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey and many people were present, including Prince William, his wife. Kate Middleton, their son, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. As with all royal family events, this tribute was filmed and lip reading expert relied on the Mirror columns right after. He referred in particular to the words spoken by the Duchess of Cambridge as she got out of the car. She was in the company of her daughter and told her: “Can you smile.” A very special attention that was intended to reassure Princess Charlotte and that was successful as she showed an adorable smile. For his part, Prince William took it upon himself to guide Prince George. “we go“, I would have told him before entering Westminster Abbey for a moving ceremony.

This ceremony was a very important moment for members of the royal family and in particular Isabel II. Despite her many health problems in her last few months, it was out of the question for her not to pay tribute to her late husband. Thus, she made the trip and greatly moved netizens. In fact, a photo of her, tears in the eyes, was posted on social media. A moment of extreme rarity since the sovereign is not one of those who lets her emotions show through. As a reminder, the queen of England had already moved the British at the funeral of Prince Philip. we were able to He sees himself sitting on a bench, in front of the coffin of the one who shared his life for more than 70 years. She had been alone ever since she had chosen to settle down. An image that has never been forgotten and that shows the love that she had for her husband. In addition, for this ceremony she was on the arm of her son, Prince Andrew, who arrived. A symbolic gesture according to Judi James, a real expert. “It was the first time she had been seen asking for and accepting help to walk. It was a role that would once have been played by her husband Philip.”, said in the columns of Mirror. Therefore, Elizabeth II was willing to do anything to come and pay a new tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh.

Tribute to Prince Philip: what symbolic choice did Elizabeth II make?

Paying tribute to her late husband was very important to Isabel II. Her presence at this ceremony was essential and the queen had thought of the smallest details. As revealed by the Mirror, the sovereign had chosen “red, white and blue flowers, recalling the duke’s patriotic commitment, but also blue enrygium“, we can read first. A flower that pays homage to Prince Philip’s military career. The tabloid reports that she also requested that “white orchids be placed in Westminster Abbey”. The reason ? These are the flowers that were present at her wedding bouquet to the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947, which took place in this same abbey. Very emotional tributes.

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