Unreal Engine 5: a new demo impresses on the Internet, to see here in 4K

game news Unreal Engine 5: a new demo impresses on the Internet, to see here in 4K

Unreal Engine 5 has been talked about for a few years now, and presumably, we’ll still see its name in the headlines in the future. Today, an indie developer has set out to rebuild a simple room, with a stunning photorealistic rendering.

The very real unreal

It is that we are definitely looking forward to helping you: Unreal Engine 5 is being talked about more and more, but at the moment, no major commercially released titles have used it. we had a good time the Matrix Awakens tech demo last Decemberand we have confirmation that games like Hellblade 2 or the upcoming The Witcher will be compatible with the Epic Games engine, but players still need to be patient.

Fortunately, more and more demos are popping up on the web here and there, from independent developers who don’t hesitate to show off their work. Just yesterday we talked to you like this. of the RYU projecta very immersive rendering of South Korea: Recently, environmental artist Daniel Martinger shed light on his latest baby, namely the creation of a Swedish workshop under Unreal Engine 5. And that is precisely what interests us today.

The most beautiful video game workshop

In a few days, the video caused quite a stir and got many laudatory comments on the net: it must be said that the rendering (produced entirely under Unreal Engine 5, therefore) commands respect with amazing technical quality, photorealistic and backed by amazing attention to detail. Above all, it is the skill of having developed everything from scratch that remains to be underlined: Daniel Martinger admits not having to use a scan or a photo, with a few exceptions.

I created everything from scratch, no photos or scans were used, except for the rusty metal texture on the wall and the texture on the floor, which are by Quixel. I used Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Maya for the mosaic assets and textures.

I always wanted to have my own little workshop in the basement. I really like older environments, without modern technology. Environments that come from before I was born. I feel like it was better back then.

Even more impressive, the designer declares that this is his first realization under Unreal Engine : So the engine seems flexible enough to fit many profiles.

My goal was to explore Unreal Engine 5. I had never used Unreal before, so it was a lot of fun learning how to use this engine and exploring its power. The project is rendered in “Unreal Engine 5 Preview”, using Pathtracing.

Having been made by a young developer, alone, We hardly dare to imagine what the future great AAA productions of the main studios will be like in a few years. We remember in particular the splendid demo invented directly by Epic Games, running on PS5 and presented in 2020, which had already gained more than one jaw (found at the beginning of the article).

We can also mention the last game sequence ofSenua Saga: Hellblade II, exclusive to Microsoft, which you can admire below. According to rumours, the next Mass Effect would also use the Unreal Engine 5 In short, a true program for the future.

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