6th wave of COVID-19: the BA.2 variant “hits hard” in the region

The new variant of COVID-19 BA.2 «hit hard» in the Quebec regions, it worries the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, who however has no intention of changing his strategy and announcing new measures.

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The Minister admits that he is concerned about the increase in cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19. But, this 6me The wave “was planned”, said Mr. Dubé, assuring “that there is no reason at this moment to change our strategy, because people have to learn to live with the virus”.

However, hospital capacity remains “his biggest concern.”

Above all, indicates the Minister, that the BA.2 variant hits hard in the region.

The rapid increase in this now accounts for 50% of positive cases.

Unlike Montreal, “Omicron affected the regions less,” he says.

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The possibility of adding targeted measures in the regions has also been discussed between the Dubé cabinet and public health, but for the moment, that is not the strategy that the experts contemplate. The Minister asks people to continue to protect themselves with the mask and to respect the measures that already exist in case of contagion. He also asks the elderly and those at risk to be very careful.

10,000 less

The minister pointed out that there are already 10,000 absences in the health network due to COVID infections.

The health rules, however, allow employees to return to work more quickly after being infected.

The PLQ and the PQ want to expand access to PCR tests

The Liberals and PQ are calling on the Legault government to relaunch screening techniques on a large scale so they can monitor the evolution of COVID-19, including a 6me wave has begun in Quebec.

At the moment, PCR tests, carried out in laboratories, are reserved for certain categories of the population, which prevents the authorities from “seeing the scope of the current wave”, recalled PQ deputy Joël Arseneau, at a press conference. in the National Assembly.

“The means that are available to the advanced nations must be put into operation precisely so that they can see the magnitude of the wave that is coming,” he declared then.

Therefore, Joel Arseneau and his vis-à-vis in the Quebec Liberal Party, Monsef Derraji, call on Quebec to once again allow greater access to PCR tests, while resuming the analysis of wastewater, a proven method to track the spread of COVID-19 in the population.

“Now we have two drugs. We have an antiviral and a monoclonal at the hospital level. If we don’t have access to PCR tests, we risk losing the right drug at the right time for some patients,” said Monsef Derraji.

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