after their confrontation the day before, Cyril Hanouna and Géraldine Maillet reconcile live (VIDEO)

This Thursday, March 31, Cyril Hanouna presented a new issue of don’t touch my post and the presenter-producer took the opportunity to talk about his violent confrontation with Géraldine Maillet the day before.

It’s time for explanations. This Wednesday, March 30 at don’t touch my post, cyril hanouna had proposed a debate on the disputed meeting ofÉric Zemmour last Sunday Place du Trocadéro in Paris. While he had invited Fabrice DiVizio and Fabian Roussel to talk about the presidential campaign, Géraldine Maillet stated that there has already been “Nazi Greetings” in the meetings of the leader of the Reconquest! provoking the fury of Cyril Hanouna. “Lesson givers like you, we’ve had enough! Lesson givers like you, what are they going to say to the French? ‘You have to vote for so-and-so’, where in a marre !”, he got mad at his columnist. Not letting it go, the latter tried to respond, arousing new anger from the presenter-producer. “The French do what they want. They are not like you with a comfortable salary, with a very good life…”, he let out, causing the irritation of the partner of daniel riolo, who threatened to leave the set. The debate then continued in a heavy atmosphere and the C8 troublemaker quietly closed his show.

Géraldine Maillet recalls her confrontation with Cyril Hanouna

This Thursday, March 31, cyril hanouna introduced a new number don’t touch my post and the presenter of in front of slime He returned to this violent confrontation that gave much to talk about on social networks. During this development, the points of disagreement were again numerous between the columnist and the presenter. From the beginning, Géraldine Maillet exposed her point of view. “I found it very painful yesterday. Very aggressive. Very violent. I am not a diva, I am a columnist who gives my opinion. I found you very aggressive yesterday, I didn’t feel ‘family’ at all from you. There was a mobbing side, a bit of ruthlessness, it hurt“, he let out, arousing the displeasure of his boss.

A long debate and reconciliation

You go far there. Do you know what bullying is? Me too, I feel harassed by you, you know? Do you know (what experience) people who are victims of bullying? What you say is very serious! It is very serious, be careful what you say because there really are people who are harassed.Cyril Hanouna exclaimed. After a long debate in which all the columnists gave their opinion on the subject, Géraldine Maillet admitted “what Pmaybe the word bullying was too strong,” remembering that “Again, I am not a victim, I spoke up...” The long sequence finally ended with a hug between the two protagonists that seems to show that after having washed the dirty laundry with the family, now is the time for appeasement on the eve of the 12th anniversary of TPMP.

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