Chris Rock hit by Will Smith: still sound, breaks the silence after his public humiliation at the Oscars

Chris Rock spoke self-deprecatingly about slapping Will Smith in the face at the Oscars during a show in Boston on Wednesday, March 30. The comedian’s first reaction.

chris rock will remember the 94th edition of the Academy Awards. On March 27, the comedian takes the stage at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood to do the show. And to make the audience laugh, he points out Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. And the joke about the latter’s haircut stuck in the couple’s throat. Will Smith then he stood up and went on stage to slap chris rock. A few days after the stage, now a cult in the history of the Oscars, the comedian broke the silence and reacted.

“I’m still digesting what happened”confided during a show offered at The Wilbur, in Boston, on Wednesday, March 30. people magazine reports that one person in the audience reports that he opened up more, saying that he was probably talking about what happened in the future in a more serious way. The “drama,” however, didn’t stop him from writing a joke-filled show for this famous Friday night. “Apart from a few weird things, life is great”He launched.

Will Smith’s entourage in shock

What happened on stage at the Oscars? chris rock made a questionable joke about the actor’s wife’s hair, Jada Pinkett Smith. only the wife of Will Smith suffers from a disease, alopecia, which causes hair loss. If the star of men in black initially reacted well to this prank, then slammed the comedian asking him to Never mention his wife’s name again.. By recovering its price, Will Smith later apologized for his gesture..

The mother of Will Smith he expressed his astonishment, coming to his defense. “He is so fair and sociable. It’s the first time in my life that I see it get out of control. And it’s probably the first time for him too… I never saw him do that in my entire life“, so he had assured.

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