Chris Rock speaks out after being slapped by Will Smith

OSCARS – While the Academy of Oscar It seems more and more seriously the slap inflicted live by Will Smith during Sunday’s ceremony, Chris Rock returned to aggression This Wednesday, March 30.

The comedian, who made his first public appearance on a Boston stage for his show, did not want to expand on the subject, but acknowledged that “he is still digesting what has happened.”

“I don’t have much to say about what happened, so if you came to hear this…” he began. “I have a full program that I wrote before this weekend.” “I’m still digesting what happened. So at some point I’m going to talk about this shit. And it will be serious and fun,” added Chris Rock.

“Disciplinary action”?

The Oscars Board of Trustees met Wednesday and “opened disciplinary proceedings against Will Smith for violations of Academy policies, including inappropriate physical contact, abusive or dangerous conduct, and commitment to the integrity of the Academy,” according to a press release that specifies that the actor refused to leave the room after his slap.

The queen institution of American cinema gives the actor a period of at least 15 days before the Academy decides, thus offering him “the opportunity to be heard through a written response.”

Possible “disciplinary action” against him will be discussed at a meeting scheduled for April 18, it adds. It could include the suspension or exclusion of Will Smith from the Academy, which has almost 10,000 members.


Many in Hollywood are calling on the organization to punish the star for her act of violence, which they say unfairly overshadowed the night’s other winners. Wanda Sykes, one of three presenters who hosted the night of the Oscars, said the incident literally “made her sick.” “And I’m still a little traumatized,” she said during a talk show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

As a comedian, Wanda Sykes felt that Will Smith should never have been allowed to stay in the room and receive his trophy after such a gesture. “It sends the wrong message. If you attack someone, you get kicked out of the building, period,” she said.

The actress told Ellen DeGeneres that she spoke to Chris Rock after the Oscar party and the first thing she did was apologize. “He said ‘This was supposed to be your night,’ with the other two hosts, ‘You were doing a great job.’ I’m sorry we’re just going to talk about it now,'” she said, according to Wanda Sykes.

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