Energy check 2021: be careful, you only have a few hours left to use it

If you benefited from an energy check in 2021, keep in mind that you don’t have much time left to use it to pay your gas or electricity bills.

Do you have bills to pay today? It’s time to use your energy check! Widespread in 2018, the energy check is an aid paid once a year to French people with modest incomes to help pay for their home energy costs. If you are one of the 5.8 million beneficiary households, beware, you do not have much time left to use it. Indeed, after March 31, the energy check will no longer be validindicates public service website.

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What is the energy check for?

The energy check is a nominative economic aid intended to pay the energy costs of the home. Granted subject to means test. Its amount, which is calculated based on your reference RFR and your consumption, varies from €48 to €277 per year.

Beneficiaries can use it to pay:

  • energy and fuel bills (electricity, gas, liquefied petroleum, heating oil, wood, etc.);
  • energy charges included in your rate, if you are housed in a residential home, independent residence, housing facilities for the elderly (Ehpad or EHPA), long-term care facility or unit (ESLD or USLD);
  • certain work or energy expenditure of your home (heat pump, solar heating, very high-performance gas boiler, window or wall insulation, etc.). This work must imperatively be carried out by a recognized professional responsible for the environment (RGE).

What costs can be covered with the energy check?

You can use your check to pay an electric or natural gas bill. You have two possibilities for this: family folder :

  • pay directly online on the website entering your check number, scratch code and references from your supply contract;

  • Mail your check to your provider, enclosing a copy of a recent bill or payment schedule showing your customer references and listing your customer number on the back of the check.

In order for your energy check to be deducted directly from your electricity or gas bill, you can request its pre-assignment, either online or by checking the pre-assignment box on the energy check before sending it to your provider.

If you want to use it to pay for a fuel purchase (wood, LPG, fuel oil, etc.), you will need to deliver your energy check directly to your supplier.

To pay your energy charges included in your rate, you must present your energy check directly to your housing manager, independent residence or establishment.

You can pay your bill for the energy rehabilitation work directly with your energy check to the RGE company you have chosen.

What if your job starts after March 31?

You can exchange your energy check for a work check of the same value, It will be valid for 2 years and can be used to finance energy saving works.

To make this exchange, you must contact the energy check assistance before March 31, 2022 by phone at 0 800 204 805 (toll-free number) or through the support request.

And for the exceptional energy check of €100?

If you are one of the households eligible for the energy check, you also benefited from the exceptional energy check of €100 last October. The additional and exceptional energy check of €100 sent in December 2021 is valid until March 31, 2023.

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Gone are the first energy vouchers 2022

The 2022 energy bonds are sent by mail from Wednesday, March 30 in the mailboxes of the beneficiaries or in dematerialized form. They are accompanied by certificates that allow you to benefit from certain rights, such as free start-up costs, or an 80% reduction in travel costs in the event of a cut-off due to non-payment.

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