find out if you will benefit from its abolition or reduction in 2022

With inflation hitting homes France in full force, the State is constantly looking for a solution to mitigate them. Different family allowances have also been created to advance in this direction. And the reductions in the face of taxes are also a plus that cannot be overlooked. This is particularly the case with respect to the housing tax, which is currently undergoing a major reform. Will you benefit from the upcoming changes planned by the State? We tell you more in this article!

Housing tax: changes that have benefited the French

In 2018, the State had already noticed a drop in the payment of residence taxes. A pretty strong charge that pushed the French to take pretty drastic measures. And the resulting decision was simply ideal for the French with a primary residence there. Therefore, it is not surprising that the State has allowed a cancellation of the latter for the year 2021 for some houses.

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Already at that time, these were almost 80% of households that have been exempt from this city tax. If the others could not escape, other alternatives were proposed by the State. This then involved a payment with a reduction of about 30%. And things could still get better for the year we just started.

A new discount in sight!

Therefore, by 2022, the rate of the housing tax will be reduced once again. A difference that this time will be 65% to lighten French homes on your expense. It should be noted that the calculation of this tax is carried out according to several criteria. This is particularly the case depending on the department you are in. The different construction details of your home should also be taken into account during this payment process.

Income limit to benefit from the deduction. Screenshot

The city tax is determined at the beginning of the year. It is also from there that the State defines the profiles that will later be taxable. Similarly, the responsible authorities will be able to establish whether further reductions can be offered to French households. A situation that can only do well in this period of inflation.

Who will be able to benefit from the new residence tax advantages?

For this year, the reduction is estimated between 100 and 65%. But not everyone can benefit from it! In fact, it will take meet multiple criteria to avoid this tax. Everything will then depend on the reference income of the tax What have you done in the last year? If the latter does not exceed 28,150 euros, the relief will be 100%. However, if the RFR is between €28,150 and €29,192, a partial and decreasing exemption can be requested.

In the case of an RFR of 44,830 euros for two people, the amount of the 100% relief is granted by the State. If the latter is estimated between 44,380 euros and 46,914 euros, the household can only benefit from a partial exemption. As you can see, everything will depend on your income!

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