Jean-Claude and Axel, spoiled by the public, eliminated from the match

The final duel of the eighth episode of Beijing Express, in the land of the golden eagleairing this thursday M6, was fatal for Jean-Claude and Axel. It was the fourth game of blades in a row for his grandfather and his grandson, who, this time, lost to jeremy and fanny. “She was not at all in the same state of mind as the other three times,” the young man confesses to 20 minutes. Of course we wanted to stay and go as far as possible, but the stage had been very tough physically and mentally. I told myself that if I lost it was not very serious. »

“It made me very sad to know that it couldn’t last because we had just been through a very tough stage,” confirms his grandfather, who had indeed not been able to reach the end of the trek in the Wadi Rum desert. (Jordan ).

“France will be in mourning…”

The couple claims to have “no regrets” and to have experienced “an exceptional adventure”. “In the family, everyone is very proud of us. No one expected us in the last four”, says Jean-Claude. If Axel followed the season with his friends in Montpellier (Hérault) where he studies, the septuagenarian had gotten into the habit of watching each chapter with the rest of the family in the cradle of the Gers. He expected this Thursday’s viewing to be complicated: he bought three boxes of tissues for the occasion.

Tears must have flowed not only at home at the end of the episode: the grandfather and the grandson were the audience’s favorite couple. “We receive many positive messages, it makes us very happy. Frankly, nothing negative is sent to us, I know that, for other couples, it is different, ”says Axel, contacted by phone on Tuesday. He fears the viewers’ reaction to his elimination: “France is going to be in mourning…” Jean-Claude cuts him off, bursting out laughing: “In mourning!? What are you talking about ? “People are going to be sad. I fear the reactions, ”says his grandson.

They tell us that we are doing people good, that surprises me”

The ancestor does not give you complete evil. “They tell us that we are doing people good, that surprises me. In the street I receive signs of affection, he says. The children recognize me. The other day he was talking to someone near the exit of a school. The children, seeing me, all wanted to take a picture. I thought it was fabulous, it’s a pleasure. But I still told them that I was not happy that they spent their evenings in front of the television. »

“In this grandfather/grandson relationship there is an aspect of an initiatory journey, of passing the torch, of learning, of wisdom. It’s a story that’s really nice to watch.” summarized Thierry Guillaumethe producer of Beijing Expressbefore the start of the season. That is precisely what the public has been able to verify throughout the episodes: mutual support, tenderness, the ardor of youth rebalanced by the serenity of experience. “It’s a great adventure, insists Jean-Claude. I listen to my grandson with another ear. He suddenly grew up. He has gotten quite big. »

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