LIVE – War in Ukraine: Moscow announces a ceasefire in Mariupol, the skeptical Elysee

Biden receives family of ex-marine detained ‘wrongly’ in Russia

US President Joe Biden met with the family of a former US Marine “wrongly detained” in Russia on Wednesday and vowed to do everything he can to put an end to it, the White House announced.

Trevor Reed, in his thirties, is accused of violence against two police officers called to the site of a party in the Russian capital in August 2019. Sentenced in July 2020 to nine years in prison, he had denounced a case policy in the context of Russian-American tensions.

During his interview with the American’s parents, Joe Biden “reiterated his commitment to continue the work to free Trevor, Paul Whelan (arrested in 2018 and later convicted of espionage, editor’s note) and other Americans wrongfully detained in Russia and elsewhere. places,” the White House wrote in a statement.

“We understand the pain felt by Trevor’s family and loved ones, who are suffering from the nightmare of his absence, which we are committed to putting an end to,” the US presidency added.

British intelligence says Russian soldiers refuse to obey orders

Jeremy Fleming, director of Government Communications Headquarters, a major British intelligence agency, said on Thursday in a speech that some Russian soldiers refuse to obey orders from Moscow.

“We saw Russian soldiers, unarmed and demoralized, refusing to obey orders,” he said. [Certains] “sabotage your own equipment and sometimes even accidentally shoot down your own plane.”

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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights evokes “war crimes”

Michelle Bachelet spoke on Wednesday about the “war crimes” committed in Ukraine in a long accusation against the actions carried out mainly by the Russian army. She left no doubt that she believes Russia is the main culprit even though she has not fully cleared the Ukrainian forces.

“The massive destruction of civilian objects and the high number of civilian casualties clearly indicate that the fundamental principles of distinction (between military and civilian targets, editor’s note), proportionality and precaution have not been sufficiently applied,” he said.

‘We believe no one’: Zelensky questions Moscow’s announcements about reducing military activity

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday that he did not believe Russian promises to reduce military activity and that his army was preparing for new fighting in the east of the country.

“We don’t believe anyone, not a single pretty phrase,” Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video address to the nation, adding that Russian forces were regrouping to attack the Donbass region. “We will not give up. We will fight for every meter of our territory,” he said.

“We are very careful”: the Elysee skeptical after the announcement of the ceasefire in Mariupol

While Moscow announced a ceasefire in Mariupol to organize the evacuation of civilians, French diplomacy remains skeptical.

“We are very cautious at this stage because it is not the first time that Russia has made such an announcement,” the Elysee declared on Wednesday.

The presidency recalls that this Tuesday “requirements” were presented to Vladimir Putin for “evacuations to be possible” during a telephone interview with Emmanuel Macron. “The Russian president had said that he would come back to him, at this stage he has not. Therefore, we will review all this,” Elysée concludes.

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