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Like any self-respecting superhero movie, “Morbius” contains a scene (in two parts) in the middle of its credits. And this could announce the realization of a project evoked for a long time.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for “Morbius” as it discusses its ending and post-credits scene. So go ahead if you haven’t seen the movie with Jared Leto yet and you don’t want to know anything before.

Among the superheroes, there are those that have a single post-credits scene, located in the middle or at the end of the credits. Those who have two. And then there’s james gunn who puts a handful Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Set in the same universe as the Poison with Tom Hardy, Morbius also includes one… but in two parts.


While Michael Morbius defeated his old friend who also became a vampire (matt smith) and that Martine Bancroft (Adriana Arjona) came back to life after being bitten, the first part of the credits breaks to take us to a prison cell. This is empty until Michael Keaton appears in it, as if by magic and surrounded by a brilliant light that recalls the fate of Doctor Strange who allowed the adversaries and variants of Spider-Man to return home in no way home.

An excerpt from the news confirms very quickly that it is indeed Adrian Toomes, alias the Vulture, enemy of Spider-Man played by tom holland inside Homecoming. But it is not explained to us why he left his universe for Morbius’s.

And he faces the vampire incarnated by Jared Leto Let’s meet him next, outside of New York City. While he obviously escaped and managed to reassemble his Vulture suit by means that, again, are not explained to us, he mentions Spider-Man as his common enemy and proposes an alliance, which does not leave the scientist insensitive.


That the Sinister Six are approaching the movie theaters. Since this aborted project in the middle of the 2010s, and which was going to be linked to the saga starring Andrew GarfieldSony has never given up hope of bringing together some of Spider-Man’s greatest foes in one movie. We even thought that wish would come true in No Way Home, with the return of Electro, the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, the Lizard and the Sandman. But no.

And it is therefore towards the other Sony saga linked to the Spider-Man universe, the one started with Venom, towards which it will be necessary to turn for the project to see the light. In any case, that is what this two-part post-genre scene seems to indicate, in which gray areas remain, starting with the link between Morbius and Spider-Man, which are not found in the film. daniel espinosa. Is it because of Peter Parker that the vampire is on the run and ready to ally with the Vulture?

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The Vulture, future leader of the Sinister Six?

We may have to wait for an upcoming play to be sure. But the truth, in view of these images, is that the Sinister Six group begins to take shape. And it should be made up of Morbius and the Vulture, to which we can add Venom and The requirementshunter who will have the characteristics ofAaron Taylor Johnson in a feature film shot under the direction of J C Chandor. In fact, it would be surprising if Sony put these villain-centric Marvel movies together only to not link them to others later.

At the moment, the project is not yet official. But it may be in the weeks after Morbius is released.

“Morbius” is in theaters from March 30:

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