MotoGP, Agostini warns Márquez: “Things are changing”

Marc Márquez will miss the MotoGP races in Argentina and Texas. Giacomo Agostini invites the champion to review his limits.

By Luis Ciamburro from Racing bicycle

The MotoGP spectacle once again loses a fundamental piece with the package of Mark Marquez. Released in Indonesia after the terrible fall during the warm-up in Mandalika, it will not be there for Rio Hondo Hot Springs and he will probably be missed too Austin and Portimao. No one can predict with certainty his return, but the champion’s absence sling begins to comment on the show presented by Dorna. AND Giacomo Agostiniwho was the greatest in the history of motorcycling, knows what it means not to have the Spanish phenomenon on the track.

Mark in the hands of doctors.

It only remains to trust in medicine, in the expert hands of Dr. Sánchez Dalmau, the ophthalmologist who treated him at the end of last year after his fall from the coaching staff. » You have to trust medicine, surely for him it is another blow – it states Agostini in ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’. More importantly, injuries happen all at once. There were a lot of crashes before, but it was still okay. But it also happens in life, first everything goes well and then suddenly everything goes wrong ». TO 29 years, Mark Marquez He still has plenty of time to rediscover success, although conditional is in order and nothing is certain in MotoGP. ” We are not doctors, only they know if they will have to operate or if it will be enough to wait. But Marc has been there in those moments before, and he’s back. Only this time he hit his head hard.not the shoulders or the buttocks, he was stunned when he stood up ».

Mark Marquez

Advice from Giacomo Agostini

The race is in danger, it is a plausible option. It would be another approach, but Cabroncito has in his DNA the mania of limits, of winning at all costs, of standing out above everything. Qualities that led him to eight world titles, including six in MotoGP. ” Always run to win and go to the maximum, but you have to understand where that maximum is “, has added Giacomo Agostini. « Because the fall is there, but four falls in one weekend is too much… I saw the statistics, one year I reached 27, last year I reached 22… that’s a lot. You must understand that beyond a certain limit you go to the ground.. Having fallen so much in the past without ever getting hurt, Marc has undoubtedly also taken courage. ».

Until the July 2019 accident in Jerez he seemed enveloped in a divine aura capable of protecting him from injury, then the blindfolded goddess turned her face away. Impossible to stop a champion like Mark Marquez asking him to slow down. The search for the limit is a personal matter that concerns only the pilot, where no one can venture there or utter a word. ” Perhaps today there is no longer the fear of our time, where there were walls, poles, streams “, the conclusion Agostini. “ With all these protections we feel safe and we roll like this lying down as soon as we slip we are already on the ground. But when you do a high side like his, things change ».

Alberto Puig-Agostini

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