PlayStation Now is going away, long live PlayStation Plus Premium!

game news PlayStation Now is going away, long live PlayStation Plus Premium!

Launched in 2014, a true pioneer of the streaming subscription video game service, PlayStation Now will close its doors soon… but to return with more force! Sony announced it a few days ago: for the PS Plus redesign, the Japanese company’s two flagship offerings will be merged to create a completely new subscription formula.

PlayStation Now is going to die, long live PlayStation Now! Yes, Sony’s famous subscription video game service is about to be closed, it will soon be absorbed by the PS Plus new formula, announced by the Japanese company a few days ago. Starting in June 2022, PS4 and PS5 players will be able to take advantage of a three-tier offer. The first, “PS Plus Essential”, includes the same advantages as the current PlayStation Plus (access to online games, titles offered each month, discounts on a selection of apps, savings in the cloud). The second, “PS Plus Extra”, extends the offer with over 400 PS4 shows | PS5, plus 340 games from PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 if you choose the last level “PS Plus Premium”. With the latter, it will even be possible to take advantage of a limited trial version to discover the latest Sony blockbusters.


A comfortable catalog that will obviously occupy part of the current PS Now toy library (about 600 games in total). But PlayStation affirms it, the exclusives ”death stranding, God of War, marvel spider man (…) return” will join the Extra and Premium offers. The current PlayStation Now will be divided between these two offers. Through PS Plus Extra, the PS4 and PS5 titles included in the subscription will be available to download, but not to stream. To enjoy the game remotely, you’ll have to rely on PS Plus Premium, where the bundled PS1, PS2, PSP and PS4 software can be launched in no time thanks to a very good internet connection, either from a PS4. a PS5 or a PC, as is the case today. Please note that this feature does not apply to PS5 games “offered” on this new PlayStation Plus. And that PS3 software is only available via streaming. Finally, last important information:

“Regarding PlayStation Now, this service will be stopped and people using it will be upgraded to the Premium version. There will be no additional cost to them.” – Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in the JV columns.


This is how PlayStation Now disappears as such, although its features reach the new PS Plus. A decision full of common sense, especially in the face of an increasingly stronger Xbox Game Pass. Especially in what PS Now is a service that has never outgrown (3.2 million subscribers in May 2021 and 50 million for PlayStation Plus during the same period). It must be said that the great added value of the offer – the streaming of the game – has not yet really become part of the habits to date, serving more as a “little extra” than as a new way of consuming the video game. Sony had figured that out for itself, making PS Now games available to download in 2018, four years after they debuted.

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