PRESIDENTIAL. We asked your 10 questions to the candidates, see their answers

how we did this project

Where do these questions come from? At the end of December 2021, the newsroom launched an appeal to its users asking them what question they would dream of asking the future President of the Republic. In just a few weeks, we received and reviewed nearly 2,000 contributions. Ten of them were selected and presented as candidates for the presidential election.

How were the questions selected? We first identified the topics that came up most frequently in these 2,000 questions, thus prioritizing them. Then, within the 10 most mentioned topics, we choose the most representative questions.

Among the most discussed topics: global warming, health, education and purchasing power. In contrast, we receive few questions about security or immigration. Important clarification: the choice of questions was made before the start of the war in Ukraine, which explains the absence of this topic.

The relevance of the questions was a decisive selection criterion. The profile of the French who interview the candidates also contributed to our choice: as many women as men, diversity of ages and places of residence.

When were the candidate interviews conducted? Due to scheduling constraints for some candidates, the interviews were spread over several weeks: the first was filmed on February 9 and the last on Saturday, March 26.

Why doesn’t Emmanuel Macron appear? Despite our numerous reminders, the Emmanuel Macron campaign team did not respond favorably so that the outgoing head of state could participate in this project within the time allowed. For the sake of democratic and editorial balance, we have decided to ask Gabriel Attal, government spokesman and supporter of President and candidate Emmanuel Macron, to represent his positions.

Did the candidates have access to the questions in advance? No. Several campaign teams wanted to be able to consult in advance the questions that we would ask the candidates. We refused each time, but agreed to reveal some of the topics discussed.


  • Writing : Antoine Comte, Margaux Duguet, Thibaud Le Meneec, Clement Parrot, Robin Prudent

  • Proofreading: Nicolas Buzdugan, Camille Caldini, Boris Jullien, David Perrault, Stephanie Thonnet, Jalila Zaoug

  • Filming: Cyril Brunet, Laurent Calvy, Laurent Crouzillac, Eric Delagneau, Stéphane Nervest

  • Assembly : Alexandra Cosqueric, Adrien Canestraro, Agnès Leveque, Medhi Kassou, Florian Dumont, Sabrina Gravelaine, Pierre-Louis Caron

  • Conception: maxim loisel

  • Design : paul m

  • Developing : Gregoire Humbert, Dimitri Piriou

  • Editorial Supervision: Ilan Caro, Audrey Cerdan, Jérôme Comin, Simon Gourmellet, Delphine Legouté, Benoît Zagdoun

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