Samsung Smart Monitor M8: a smart and versatile 32-inch Ultra HD monitor


Samsung has just introduced its Smart Monitor M8, the highest range of its smart screens for PCs. Incorporating the Tizen system, it is controlled by remote control to offer an experience close to that of a television.

If you see any resemblance between this Samsung Smart Monitor M8 and Apple’s iMac M1, you’re not alone. The Samsung monitor is clearly inspired by the clean lines of Apple’s all-in-one computer. The Korean manufacturer even goes so far as to take care of color variations (white, blue, green or pink). And Samsung doesn’t stop there, offering an optional “SlimFit” webcam that is magnetized to the back of the slab. This camera has a feature to refocus the image on the user’s face similar to the “Centered Frame” that appeared on the Apple Studio screen. Another point in common, the Samsung monitor can adjust the color temperature of the image according to ambient light, a technology that is also found in Apple under the name of True Tone.

The Samsung M8 smart monitor.  ©Samsung

The Samsung M8 smart monitor. ©Samsung

Otherwise, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 features a 32-inch 60 Hz VA panel displaying an Ultra HD panel (3840 x 2160 pixels), which should result in a good contrast of at least greater than 2000:1. This resolution is very comfortable in the office, especially when scaled to 150%. The advertised brightness of 400 cd/m2 is not exceptional, but it is sufficient for conventional use. HDR content should struggle to express itself with such limited brightness, but it won’t be a problem for other content. Samsung does not neglect ergonomics, since the screen is adjustable in height -the absence of height adjustment, but also in inclination, in the Apple Studio Display- continues to have us in the throat. It also has a microphone and two speakers. The latter had disappointed us in the M7 smart monitor which we tested in 2021. Hopefully Samsung has corrected the situation with its new M8. Connection is limited to two USB-C inputs and one Micro-HDMI input.

The monitor is available in four colors.  ©Samsung

The monitor is available in four colors. ©Samsung

Of course, the originality of the Smart Monitor range is the integration of the Tizen system that allows the screen, once connected to Wi-Fi, to work independently. The remote control thus offers the possibility of navigating the system and accessing applications. Identical to those found on the manufacturer’s televisions, there are numerous: Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, MyCanal, OCS, Molotov, etc. The monitor also features AirPlay 2 compatibility and is compatible with Bixby and Amazon Alexa assistants. The system also gives access to the Office 365 account and thus allows you to view, modify and save documents directly from the monitor, without a PC. Simply connect a keyboard and mouse. Similarly, Samsung’s Remote PC feature allows you to take control of a PC remotely.

The 32-inch Samsung Smart Monitor M8 can now be reserved for around €750. It will be delivered from April 14. We especially hope that it will correct the flaws seen in the M7. It already has height adjustment, and that’s a very good point!

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