The England team shocked by the reception they gave Harry Maguire

What’s next after this announcement?

We warn you. Just before the start of the match between England and Ivory Coast, we inform you about the Harry Maguire case. More than ever in trouble with Manchester United, the 29-year-old centre-back retains the trust of his manager Gareth Southgate. But last night, the Mancunian had a complicated 43rd cape. It’s very simple, he was whistled copiously by the English public at Wembley. An event that has no more but then has nothing in Southgate.

“This reception was a joke, an absolute joke. I don’t know who this can benefit. Either we are all in the same boat or we are not. I imagine if you asked some of them why they did it, they probably couldn’t even answer. It’s the mob mentality. It makes the players not want to come. This has happened before with John Barnes. We need Harry to do well. We are not going to win a World Cup with a lot of players with three or four teams. This has never happened in the history of football.”he said, before continuing into the microphone of sky sports.

“The way he played for us was absolutely phenomenal. I do not understand. Wear an English shirt and you should support a player in an English shirt. His acting was really impeccable. (…) The team is totally united. We recognize that everyone has difficult moments, but he is a top player and he will overcome it. (…) Some are influenced by anything like social networks or players who have played before and influence opinion. The club’s situation is obviously very complicated, but he wears the English shirt. I remember decades ago some players were booed in an England shirt and that was never acceptable to me. Fans should always root for their team. »

All behind Maguire

An indignation shared by several players of the selection. Starting with Jordan Henderson who was outraged on Twitter. “I can’t understand what happened at Wembley tonight. Harry Maguire was a colossus for England. Without him, the progress made in the last two tournaments would not have been possible. Being booed in your stadium for no reason? What have we become? What happened tonight was simply unacceptable. As someone who wants to win with England, I feel lucky to share a dressing room with him. We all feel the same! »

A sentiment shared by Jack Graelish. “Harry has been amazing for this country. The World Cup, the European Championship, was brilliant. In our first two goals, the first one comes from his ball handling and the second one comes from him a little bit as well. Not all centre-backs have these qualities.”. Same for Declan Rice. “Harry Maguire has been amazing every time he put on the England shirt. It has become absolute nonsense now. Support your own players. Especially with a big tournament to come. » Finally, Harry Kane also wanted to support his partner.

“We have worked hard to rebuild our connection with England fans in recent years. Listening to Harry Maguire being booed at Wembley before kick-off was not cool. The fact that he was brilliant on the field and gave us all so many great memories makes it even harder to understand. You don’t deserve this welcome. He has full support in the dressing room and should get the same from all the English fans. » It is said !

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