The ‘meow’, this technique that transforms the face without surgery, is a success on social networks

Mewing is making a comeback on social media. This old technique to reshape your face without going through the scalpel box is a success on social networks.

Why go to the scalpel when simple rehabilitation exercises can strengthen the jaw and make a double chin disappear?

This is the principle of the ‘meow’, a technique that is not new, but that social networks are updating today to enjoy a harmonious and perfectly structured face. Doing the new with the old, the specialty of the new social networks!

orthodontic method

On the rise, cosmetic surgery and medicine seem to have a massive following on social media, with all the dangers that it can cause. But users also like the more natural techniques aimed at transforming their face and body without going under the knife. And if grandmother’s recipes are the most popular, today it is an orthodontic method that is coming back to the fore.

The term ‘meow’ translates to ‘meow’, but it actually has absolutely nothing to do with the crying of our favorite felines. The name of this technique refers to the British orthodontist John Mew, who is said to have originated it, before his son Mike Mew popularized it on his YouTube channel. orthotropic. The videos are then multiplied at breakneck speed on the video hosting platform, creating a real buzz for this method which, initially, wasn’t meant to allow for a real makeover.

From malocclusion to facial remodeling

Born in 1928, John Mew has been interested for years in the causes of malocclusion, which, according to his conclusions, would be the result of the evolution of our lifestyles, and not genetics.

It is more particularly our taste for soft and cooked foods that would ultimately be responsible for a less sculpted and less toned jawline, gradually transforming the shape of the face and leading to many inconveniences. All linked -initially- to a bad placement of the tongue. The technique developed by the orthodontist in response to this phenomenon was aimed at strengthening the chewing and swallowing functions to strengthen the jaw and realign the main areas of the face.

But on TikTok, it is for aesthetic reasons that users have updated this method. Now it’s about getting a square jawline, getting rid of double chin or making your face more harmonious. And that’s not counting those who see in the ‘meow’ a cure – miracle – anti-aging. At this point, we are still looking into why… But it has to be said that TikTokeurs ‘before/after’ posts are quite spectacular, showing real results in just a few months.

Several months before seeing the effects?

There is no need for cosmetic surgery for that. The ‘meow’ consists of practicing exercises to reeducate the placement of the tongue. It is more exactly about placing the tongue against the palate, without touching the anterior teeth and keeping, if possible, the mouth closed. The goal is to force your breath through your nose. The ideal is to do this exercise during meals or drinking water, at first, so that this position becomes automatic. It is enough to try to realize that the jaw is indeed requested, but several months seem to be necessary to see the first results.

The technique has been (re)viralized on social networks in recent months, accumulating to date more than 300 million views on the Chinese social network TikTok. Its #mewingtutorial variant already has more than 16 million views, showing some enthusiasm for the method, worldwide. Whether it is (really) effective remains to be seen.

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