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Discover the detailed summary of Plus belle la vie en avant episode 4511 of Monday April 4, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Psychiatrists recognize Theo’s bipolarity, Gabriel is at the bottom of the hole while Elodie Castel’s mother arrives at the Mistral.

Read the complete summary of PBLV season 18 episode 4511 of 04/04/2022 in preview with all the photos of the telenovela Plus belle la vie.

Rochat most beautiful life

Rochat makes a nice speech in tribute to Coralie

Find them Complete summary of More Beautiful Life for Monday, April 4, 2022 episode 4511 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the summary of the previous episode PBLV 01/04/2022 It is online.

It’s time for Coralie’s funeral with a speech by Rochat, Blanche’s tears… Franck, Noé, Nathan, Baptiste and Kevin are present.
Leaving the cemetery, Eugénie tries to question Franck and Blanche. She lets it slip that Theo is bipolar… Céline intervenes.

Lola and Sunalee have a drink at the mistral. Sunalee sympathizes with Claire and talks about the travel experiences.

Thomas has drawn up an antidepressant calendar for Gabriel: Thomas does his best so that he is never alone… Lola and Kylian help him. Fanny is exhausted in Marci, she is constantly moving everything.

Franck meets Céline as a lawyer for Théo and Delphine. Céline requested a psychiatric expertise for Théo to weaken her confession. If his bipolarity is confirmed, he will be transferred to HP.

white life more beautiful

Emotion for Blanche saying goodbye to her best friend / PBLV in advance episode 4511 of 04/04/2022

Gabriel takes Lola outside to help her with her physics and chemistry homework: he encourages her to connect with nature. Lola doesn’t want to spend the whole day there. She asks Kylian to text to go play tennis… just to hurry up. Lola is exhausted.

Theo most beautiful life

Theo in psy experience

Dimitri comes to see Sunalee at the high school, but she decides to ignore him. Sunalee tells him that they are not going to be friends after what she did to Pablo. Dimitri says “who loves well, punishes well”. Sunalee tells Dimtri that if he makes Pablo popular in high school, maybe she’ll go skateboarding with him. Dimitri accepts this challenge.

pablo more beautiful life

Pablo can count on Luna’s support

Franck comes to see Delphine in the visiting room, tells her about the psychiatric experience. Delphine is angry with Franck for talking to the police… she is afraid that Théo will commit suicide.

frank more beautiful life

Franck asks for hope from Celine

More beautiful life in advance episode 4511 of April 4, 2022: Gabriel is completely lost

celine most beautiful life

Céline defends Theo and Delphine as best she can

Gabriel played tennis with Kylian, who is HS after a 5-set game. Gabriel is hyperactive and overexcited. Later, he comes to see Céline to find out more about her case before the Bar Association. Gabriel admits that he is panicking… he is afraid of being expelled. Céline says that Gabriel’s file is badly started. Céline gets the impression that Gabriel doesn’t have many friends at work… Léa wanted to testify but it’s very factual.

Thomas More beautiful life

Thomas arranged an antidepressant program for Gabriel.

Charlotte, Elodie’s mother, arrives at the Zéphyr: the children are delighted to see her. Charlotte doesn’t give Luna a warm welcome, she just puts the suitcase in her arms.

charlotte most beautiful life

Charlotte Elodie’s mom arrives and Luna doesn’t want her

Thomas comes home at night and finds that Gabriel is depressed: Lola and Kylian offer a movie, but Gabriel sends them packing. He tells them that he just wants them to leave him alone.

The psychiatrists confirm that Theo is bipolar: Céline defends her client against Boher and Revel. Revel requests an operation in the game circle to question the Liberati in particular.

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