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New Game Pass entry and first offering from studio WolfEye, Weird West is an exciting and supercharged action RPG.

In 2019, Raphaël Colantonio and Julien Roby leave the well-established Arkane compound to embark on new, riskier journeys. Under the aegis of WolfEye, their new banner, they are developing weird west ; the Action-RPG published by Devolver takes us to the confines of an American Wild West where cowboys coexist with zombies and disgusting mermaids. The crossed paths of five brave protagonists will be traced by our hand.

Western atmosphere and immersive simulation.

With its isometric view and shadowed aesthetic, Weird West may make you think of a huge, cartoonish game board where tiny pieces come to life with unmistakable starkness. But the distance does not prevent the WolfEye title from imposing a very special atmosphere. A deep voice guides you through the bedrooms and hostile domains of a supercharged western. The soundtrack hits the mark and the sublime faces drawn by artist Cédric Peyravernay, visible in the speech bubbles, bring the little characters to life. Every building here, certainly all highly stylized, is penetrable and harbors generous resources to loot. Side quests and unexpected encounters are nice and frequent perks. And if you are always moved by action and confrontations, the story is not left out. Not without some gaps, but still captivating, it unfolds with fascinating characters that evolve within a story as bizarre as it is attractive.

Your first partner is Jane, a formidable gunslinger and former bounty hunter forced back into service after the grisly discovery of her son’s body at the bottom of her door. The culprits are the Stillwaters, a group of mercenaries who also brazenly kidnapped her soul mate. The next protagonist is a man with a pig’s head, transformed by an infamous witch. His fate depends in part on you. Inherit the codes of immersive simulation already instilled in Dam and dishonorWeird West is shaped by your actions. Decimate an entire city and it will turn into a ghost until the end of the game, rescue souls in danger and they will come to help you through difficult trials. Your reputation matters, as do some of your decisions that leave their mark on an intelligent world that evolves on a day/night cycle; the terrain submits to your actions: glass bottles can be broken in mid-flight, ropes can be hung on a window sill to infiltrate, oil lamps can be lit. The immersion and ambient boxes are brightly marked.

Shooting with two controllers and RPG

In Weird West, the action is in real time. The mechanics is that of an intuitive twin-stick shooter with pleasant sensations. The left stick is used for movement, while the right stick helps draw a line of sight on the screen. The experience is generally smooth, but it hasn’t escaped some slowdowns on PlayStation 4. Braving the dangers can be difficult, but never frustrating; hostile zones can always be captured in various ways, like little puzzles to solve. Stealth is an option, but the density of enemies makes it difficult at times. A quick save system smooths out mistakes. At first not very resistant, your adventurer is customizable throughout interesting harvests. Nemp’s fetishes, the petrified claws of dead creatures, can be used to gain class abilities and weapons that can save the day. The golden cards unlock new talents that luckily keep from one character to another. And then there are the allies: on your missions, you can embark up to two fellow travelers, including the protagonists of your previous chapters. But in case of death, there is no way to bring them back to life.

Your weapons have different ranges and damage. Switching from one to another is easy thanks to its steering wheel. But the choice must be judicious, because ammunition is scarce. Quite a nice aspect, which forces you to save resources and make quick decisions. Humans and misshapen creatures parade under your bullets or under the sharp blade of your machete. And of course, their abilities are diverse. Only if the terrain reacts intelligently, it’s not really the same for enemies.. Some hardly notice your presence when you have just lowered their partner a few meters. Another spotted at a glance the body we had wisely hidden in a bush. Frustrating. But forgivable, as Weird West’s expanse is as vast as it is generous. You can select any point on the map to navigate. And if you choose to cross on foot, expect a few ambushes from bandits, coyotes, or even rabid bears. A great program that will keep you busy for about twenty hours straight.


point strengths

  • Impeccable immersion and setting
  • Captivating tradition and history
  • Good shooting sensations
  • A well balanced loot
  • A very good shelf life

Weak points

  • A largely perfectible AI

Seductive atmosphere, impeccable immersion, careful storytelling, Weird West’s supercharged universe is as vast as it is generous. For twenty hours straight, the immersive simulation experience provides good sensations and a coherent RPG dimension despite an AI that is still too perfectible.


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