“You’re making everyone tired, you’re unbearable!” : Cyril Hanouna violently attacks Géraldine Maillet in C8

Moment of great tension live. Wednesday night in “don’t touch my post” in C8, cyril hanouna insisted on bringing Laurent Bataille back to the table, who had sparked the controversy two days earlier by considering that the presidential candidate eric zemour was remarkably supported by an audience”fachos“. Last night, he developed his point of estimating that the term “Torch“is”there is no more insult than that“.

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“We are fed up with those who give lessons”

At his side, another presidential candidate, the communist Fabien Roussel, for his part affirmed that the supporters of Eric Zemmour are above all angry people. A reflection that had the gift of irritating Géraldine Maillet: “Nazi salutes in Villepinte, it’s not anger“, launched in reference to an activist present at the former CNews columnist’s meeting last December. It was immediately cut by Cyril Hanouna.”We are tired of teachers. You are a giver of lessons!“, he reproached him.”Who talked about this? There are extreme right-wing groups that support everyone. Do not say foolishness!“, he added, referring to the possible presence of”nazillones” on Marine Le Pen or on Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

From then on, the host of “Touche pas à mon poste” never let go of his columnist: “You are still off topic Géraldine Maillet! (…) Géraldine Maillet continues to give lessons. Respect the French! Let them speak, you are tiring everyone. You are unbearable! Everyone says so. We love you very much, you They are unbearable!“.”Who are they all, the nazillons?“, tried to reply the writer.

“What do you know about my life?”

Cyril Hanouna then moved on to more personal ground: “The French do what they want. They are not like you, Géraldine Maillet, with a comfortable salary, with a very good life“.”You don’t know my life!“, replied the person concerned.”I know what you get here…“, replied his boss. The tension culminated when Géraldine Maillet repeated: “What do you know about my life?“.”This is not a debate between you and me!“, the troublemaker from C8 reproached him.”Well, I’m silent then. I’ll even go“replied his columnist, reproaching the “positionby Cyril Hanouna.

If Géraldine Maillet finally remained on the set, she was entitled to a proper moral lesson from the host. “It is people like you who may lead us to choose extremes because what they are doing is extremely dangerous. Rather let the French do what they want and they will always do very well.“, he concluded.”In these cases, we do not give our opinion then!“, surprised Mathieu Delormeau, one of the few columnists who reacted to the attack suffered by Géraldine Maillet. puremedias.com invites you to review this sequence.

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