Abandoned: The PS5 game finally… abandoned? Speak Blue Box

game news Abandoned: The PS5 game finally… abandoned? Speak Blue Box

It’s been a while since we had news of Abandoned, that so much ink had run in 2021. After a strange gesture from its developers on social networks, the rumor of a cancellation spreads like wildfire, forcing the studio to speak.

Deleted Tweets That Leave You Wondering

The case Abandoned is clearly far from over. As a reminder, this game developed by Blue Box Studios was at the center of many rumors and controversies last year : first suspected to be a secret Silent Hill, then Hideo Kojima’s new gameor both, the title will have finally suffered the wrath of the internet due to dangerous communication and various media flops. From broken promises to catastrophic glitches, especially during the launch of your “experience” on PlayStation 5, excuses director Hasan Kahraman were not enough to regain the full interest of the public.

Suffice to say, it’s not the studio’s recent actions that will fix things: it’s very simple, the firm simply deleted all its tweets that mentioned the launch plans ofAbandoned. These also referred to the arrival of the playable prologue, which would land “very quickly” for download on PS5.

Inevitably, it was enough for the entire web to anticipate a complete cancellation of the project. Such a decision wouldn’t have been all that surprising, especially considering that Blue Box Studios’ previous projects obviously suffered such a fate during their conception. Could this be the end of the storyAbandonedDead in the bud after making headlines?

Blue Box speaks and tries to reassure

Therefore, the small development studio issued an official press release in the face of the rumors of the brokers, widely shared by netizens and the international press. According to him, it’s just a “minor delay” in development, which caused the company’s previous posts on Twitter to be removed.

Dear community,

We’ve recently been bombarded with questions about the development status of Abandoned. In response to recent cancellation rumors, we state that they are not true. We’re currently working on the reveal via the Realtime Experience app and on our social channels, along with the game’s prologue. All of this was originally planned for the first quarter of 2022, but unfortunately we are not ready yet and it underestimated the design process. That’s why we postponed the reveal and release of the Forsaken Prologue. We’ll release it when it’s stable, good and ready.

We are aware of your frustration and deeply and sincerely apologize for all of this. We’re still working on the game and we’ll let you know when we’re ready.

Our most sincere apologies,

– BLUE BOX Game Studios

In short, the rest of the next episode…

Abandoned: The PS5 game finally... abandoned?  Speak Blue Box

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