“Coco la mito”: Josiane Balasko, outraged, addresses Coline Berry in a devastating message

This Friday, April 1, while Coline Berry appears for defamation, Josiane Balasko defended her niece. The actress contradicted Jeane Manson, who filed a complaint against Richard Berry’s daughter.

The Berry family in front of the court. This Friday, April 1, Richard Berry and his daughter Coline met in Aurillac. She is appearing for defamation after a complaint filed by her mother-in-law, singer Jeanne Manson. In February 2021, Richard Berry’s daughter filed a complaint against the actor, whom she accuses of rape of a minor and sexual assaultthat he would have committed with his girlfriend at the time. “I never hurt herJeane Manson explained to BFM TVjust before the start of the hearing. She has to admit it. I would like her to tell the truth. These events never happened.” At the helm, the singer spoke. According to Vincent Vantighem, a journalist for BFM TVassured that “In the family, Coline Berry had been called ‘the myth’ for 10 years, particularly by her sister, Marie, with whom Jeane Manson remained close”.

A statement that made Josiane Balasko jump. In her Instagram account, the actress has opted for the defense of Coline Berry. “Dear Coline, ever since I’ve known you, I mean a very little girl of 3 or 4 years old, I’ve never heard anyone in the family nickname you ‘Coco la mito’she wrote. And furthermore, how could one blatantly adorn someone of his own flesh, of his family, with this derogatory and misleading appellation? After the accusations of Coline Berry, the ex-wife of Philippe Berry had publicly defended his niece. “When I saw that Coline was called crazy after her accusations, I just wanted to support her approach. he confided in Gala. It takes a lot of courage, at the age of 40, to expose yourself and get involved.”

Jeane Manson: “She lies and when we lie, they always find out”

In court this Friday, April 1, Coline Berry reiterated her accusations against her father.. According to AFP, she repeated what she had said in Le Monde about the sexual games that would have led her, in particular that of “the orchestra”in which he had to play with his father’s sex, compared to a “flute” or a “trumpet”, sometimes in the presence of Jeane Manson. she also mentioned “kisses on the mouth with the tongue”. The singer, for her part, assured that Coline Berry did not have it “never seen naked”I did not have it “I never touched the breasts” : “She lies and when we lie they always discover us”. Richard Berry accused his daughter of lying. “In her work. I made her enter ArtMédia. I can tell you that the feedback I received from these colleagues or from the boss was catastrophic. She lies, she is complicated, she invents problems…”released according to BFMTV.

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