Fuel prices: six questions to understand everything at the discount of 18 cents in force on Friday

This Friday, April 1, the aid promised by the government of 18 euro cents per liter of fuel comes into force. How to use this bomb boost.

A discount of 18 cents per litre. This Friday, April 1, the discount at the pump promised by the Government to help the French refuel comes into effect, while the rise in fuel prices has accelerated since the start of the war in Ukraine.

How long can you take advantage of this discount?

This discount will apply for four months, until July 31. Prime Minister Jean Castex has already announced that he is working on a “slightly different device” from this date, which would take over. It would be aimed more at two populations, “those who earn little and those who drive a lot,” reports BFM TV.

What will be the exact amount of the refund?

The discount on the pump will be from 15 to 18 cents taxes included per liter of fuel, a difference that is explained by the amount of VAT applied in the various French territories. Some service stations have even decided to go the extra mile to ease the wallet of the French. This is the case of TotalEnegies, which applies an additional discount of 10 centsdriving consumer savings to 25 to 28 cents per liter of fuel.

Specifically, how will the 18 cent discount be applied?

The price shown on the pump will include the discount. On average, this discount will save you between 9 and 12 euros per full tank made. For a full tank of 60 liters for example, a saving of €9 will be obtained, depending on the public service. The bonus will be applied by the distributors and the State will reimburse them.

What fuels are involved?

all fuels benefit from the discount. In detail, these are: diesel, fishing diesel, non-road diesel (GNR), gasoline (SP95, SP98-E5, SP95-E10), liquefied petroleum gas fuel (LPG-c), natural gas (CNG) in compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) form, superethanol (E85) – initially excluded from the scheme – and diesel ethanol (ED95).

Will the discount apply to all stations this Friday, April 1?

Not really. Not all stations may offer the discount this Friday. Indeed, to apply the bonus on April 1, service stations must already have emptied their previous stocksin order to replenish fuel purchased with the help of the State, as reported by The Figaro. Our colleagues explain that the discount will be applied by the supplier and not by the service stations.

Thus, the fuel will already be “stored” when it arrives at the service station. For Frédéric Plan, general delegate of the French federation of fuels, fuels and heating questioned by The Figaro, a station can take several days or even weeks to completely sell its stock.

“It can take between two days and, in extreme cases, three weeks. It is a matter of flow: a service station that does not have many customers will take longer to run out of stock, unlike motorway stations and large distribution”, he explains. in detail.

Who can benefit from it?

all french will benefit from this discount, both individuals and professionals, no means test. To avoid the rush at the pump this Friday, We have listed a number of tips for you in this article.

Penalties if the bonus is not applied

To prevent certain distributors from continuing to sell their fuel at a high price, the Fraud Repression Agent (DGCCRF) will increase the number of controls. In case of infringement, the fraudsters must reimburse the sums unduly received and also pay 10% of their value. In addition, there are also convictions and fines for misleading advertising or false statements to the administration, details The Parisian.

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