his unsanitary house and his terrible living conditions

Forced to come out of his silence, Didier de Love is in the air He has changed a lot. His balance wobbles. Beware, the fall is near. !

Didier at the end of his rope!

at[person]’s house TPMP, we like to approach the love that is in the meadow. Certainly between Cyril Hanouna and Karine Le Marchand, it is not always a fairy tale. However, when describing the daily life of Some candidates after the shoot is recurring. And this is where Didier is no exception. For some time now, a horrible rumor has been spreading. Unable to get ahead financially, he would only be a shadow of his former self. For fans of the cow farmer, this is a disaster. How did you get to this point of no return? Not used to asking for help, his confession in the columns of the midi office gives chills Objection investigated!

Didier’s morale is collapsing… just like his house!

Two years after the pandemic, Didier must face the facts. Covid-19 and its many variants have not helped. Yes, Bruno Le Maire has developed a due strategy at all costs. In other words, the state will try to subsist with an employee. partial unemployment, inflation premiuman anthology of incredible measures is on the table.

Unfortunately, for the candidate of Love is in the air, is not sufficient. As proof, for its thinness entry, is forced to live in the dilapidated house of his parents. This absence of heating or insulation, one wonders how he does it! It is well known, in April, Objeko knows that we should not discover ourselves by a thread… Good for you!

Marie-Ange is aptly named

Each season, the participants of Love is in the air maintain or not contact with the different members. Yes, in 17 years of existence many contenders parade. Selected to spend the week at Jean-François’s farm, Marie-Ange had to pack her bags in forty-eight hours. In love with another, she will not have it (too) rigorous. Against all odds, she will use her benevolence to support Didier.

Although he didn’t ask her anything, she knows Enough to believe that soon it’s too late. ” An unhealthy and undignified house. [de] Didier. He kills himself at work, he doesn’t deserve this. » In short, moved to tears, she underlines this paradox. “He never complains [et] he doesn’t want to show anyone his problems, but today he needs help »

The great family of love is in the meadow is mobilizing

Decidedly, the contenders of the previous part appreciate Didier. Who knows, maybe if they had dared to write to him, they, like him, would not be there. As proof, the one that was so good criticized by fans of the show than by Jean-Daniel declares. ” Didier is in great financial difficulties. Unfortunately, he can’t afford to repair his house (framework, electrical, paint, etc.). I appeal to the generosity of all (individuals or companies) to help him. A kitten will open. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more details. Thank you very much for it. »

Didier needs us!

In social networks, the news spreads like wildfire. Sure Facebookthe platform Onparticipe.fr receives an email signed a priori from Didier’s hand. ” I started to work by myself, but my health does not allow me to continue. I had quotes done, but too expensive. Therefore, I appeal to craftsmen, retired or not, to help me a little. » About pot walked up above, will be used for pay for materials and professionals. » Dear reader, what do you think of this dark story? Currently, he has raised 830 euros. Let’s hope your message is heard!

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