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The Star’Ac: Our colleagues from Parisian They just announced the return of Star Academy. Quickly discover the celebrities who will be there !

Last November, TF1 celebrated with great fanfare the 20th anniversary of Star Ac’. And now the channel is preparing to update its download. Starting next September, the show new part of your programming. it’s still about“a top secret project. Internally, we only talk about a ‘big thing for the beginning of the school year,'” thus warn our colleagues of the Parisian. Fans of the show are already kicking with impatience. We also. We give you all the information!

Star Ac’ revealed stars like Jennifer, Nolwen Leroy and Emma Daumas. But the final winner of the TF1 tele-hook, will stay Gregorio Lemarchal. In addition, his victory in 2004 earned the production scathing reviews. Because the production would have orchestrated his victory from A to Z to create a moving story.

All teachers will be new.

the old master Isabelle Charles confesses, in fact, that he was ” pretty obvious » that Grégory Lemarchal was going to win the season. « By making its initial cast, the production could choose what its final quartet would be. You hire Grégory and then those who go go before him, she actually let him go. “ Instead of recruiting an anonymous Céline Dion, which exists, they took a Lucie or a Mathieu who was talented, but not as talented as Grégory…«

The Star’Ac: For the 52-year-old opera singer, it’s frankly an intrigue on the part of the production. « Even more concrete: when, a month from the end, we wanted to nominate Lucie because she hadn’t done a good assessmentproduction objectedremember her. They wanted her against Grégory at the end and that’s what happened. » She still puts a hello: « That said, this is the only time they have intervened in this way.«

Isabelle Charles does not hide her disappointment with reality TV: « there is nothing real anymore« . « What I suspected. It’s easy to write things down by choosing to show people from one angle rather than another. It scared me, but I was saved, because it was hard to distort my frankness and authenticrecognize. I was even disappointed not to do a second season again, because the following year they changed everything.“, she develops indeed.

The Star’Ac: Great Live Bonuses!

The Star’Ac: Even Mathieu Johan joins her in these comments, however accusatory. « From the first bonus, we immediately understood that Grégory would win the show. With his voice, his charisma, his story and his illness, it was obvious to us that he had to win. There was no shadow of a doubt. He was also called Greg the Millionaire.« had relied on the radio waves of South Radio.

Will TF1 make efforts to organize things less upstream? Nothing is less secure. But apparently the trainers are all new. Except for one irreplaceable figure from the show: animator Nikos Aliagas. It is he who will present the Program. “It will allow us to maintain a reference point. It is the only one preserved. The entire cast of teachers must be renewed. », thus advances a source of Parisian. But you will have to collaborate with a co-host. We are still waiting to find out who he is.

And Jean-Pascal would also return! is a revelation of Telepro : “Jean Pascal Lacoste is on the list of teachers contacted for the new version of Star Academy! », we can read in its columns. According to the Parisianthe basic principle of the show it would stay the same. Vincent Panozzo, director of programs and creation and development of the Endemol Shine group, was interviewed by Le Parisien: “We are working on several programs around a new generation of Star Ac. Next year is the 20th anniversary, it is worth celebrating. I’m sure one day the show will come back because it works in cycles. There would always be this side of learning and also big bonuses with lives.” We wait!

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