Incest accusations: Richard Berry’s daughter tried for defamation at the court of Aurillac (Cantal)

L’ambiance a été électrique toute la matinée, au palais de justice d’Aurillac, entre, d’un côté, les partisans de Jeane Manson, solidaires avec ceux de Richard Berry, et de l’autre Coline Berry, la fille de l ‘actor.

Let’s go back to February 14, 2021: in an article published in the columns of World, Coline Berry details the sexual violence she allegedly suffered in the 1980s at the home of her father Richard Berry, who was then living with Jeane Manson. Then the two names are mentioned. Richard Berry, having heard of the article that will appear in The worldhad anticipated by denying the facts on Instagram, before the publication of the paper.

Maitre Karine Shebabo, lawyer for Coline Berry-Rojtman (in the background). Photography Jeremie Fulleringer

The former couple Richard Berry-Jeane Manson then reacts differently: a preliminary investigation is opened against the former, for “rape and sexual assault of a minor.” Jeane Manson also denies and attacks her former stepdaughter for defamation. She lives part of the year in Aurillac. Her lawyer, Me Verdier, is in Aurillac. Therefore, the case is called in the prefecture of Cantal.

Richard Berry accused of incest by his eldest daughter, Coline Berry-Rojtman

This Friday morning, the hearing was reduced for a long time to a very long sequence, on a true question of law: to judge a defamation, is also to judge, in hollow, the veracity of the alleged facts. Therefore, according to Me Christophe Bigot, who intervenes to The world, and according to Me Karine Shebabo, for Coline Berry, it is impossible to hold the trial before the end of the preliminary investigation into Richard Berry, opened with the Paris prosecutor’s office. Me Bigot gets angry:

If you believe that proof of the facts has not been provided, you are irreparably harming the interests of Coline Berry. If you think it’s done, you’re irreparably damaging Richard Berry’s interests. Can you imagine hearing Richard Berry about these facts, under oath?! It is unthinkable!

The risk is that through the Jeane Manson defamation trial, it will be Richard Berry’s that will open, according to the defense. For Me Karine Shebabo, it is even, “judicially, a trap that he sets for you. »

Me Verdier, Jeane Manson’s lawyer, reassures on this point, sweeps, with the prosecutor Paolo Giambiasi, the resources invoked: the file began to be examined on the merits, at 11:30 am, in accordance with the wish of the court, who recalled the imperative of “speed” in matters of press law.It was Coline Berry who opened the discussions, repeating what she had said to the World, with more details, without filter. She révoque les jeux sexuels avec Richard Berry, dont celui de «l’orchestre», avec le sexe de son père, compare à une «flûte» or une «trumpette» selon elle, avec lequel elle aurait dû jouer, Jane Manson étant parfois next to. What she describes is a rape, an accusation that is the subject of the preliminary investigation underway at the Paris prosecutor’s office – she explains that she was listened to for more than 8 hours by the Juvenile Brigade.

Then comes the Manson-Berry couple and that “sexuality that they gave to hear, to see, because when the bedroom door is open, you can see the smells that emanate from it. But she specifies: “The facts are not limited to the duration of their relationship.” Relaxed by her lawyer, she continues:

Kisses on the mouth with the tongue, it’s immemorial, I’ve only known that

She also explains that she tried to discuss it with her father, aware, according to her, that everything would end in the public square. “I never got anything from him. He is in denial. She knew it would be public, she didn’t know if he had the strength. The case was eventually leaked.

Several times, Jeane Manson laughs loudly, then stops after a comment from Me Shebabo. Invited to the bar in her turn, she remembers the article in the World. “It is such a despicable and ugly lie. He never saw me naked, he never touched my breasts. […] She lies and when we lie, we are always found out. »

She scratches Coline Berry, systematically, and fumes, often reacting, on her bench. “Ever since she was ten years old, everyone has called her the Myth,” she says. She continues, evokes a “harassment. »

Finally, President Philippe Juillard cut off the interrogation. The scene is set, the complainant and the accused have been heard. Richard Berry’s statement is expected this afternoon, isolated with the other witnesses, for a trial that has changed: it was originally scheduled to last… two hours.

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