Lucas Chevalier, Valenciennes goalkeeper on loan from Lille: “I’m more armed than last summer”

Called up for the first time with the Espoirs, who played two games in Calais, his hometown, during the international break (2-0 against the Faroe Islands, 5-0 against Northern Ireland), Lucas Chevalier (20) played a full season with Valenciennes (15e of L2), incubated by Jérémie Janot, with whom he maintains “a father-son relationship”. This great hope of the northern formation feels ready to keep Lille’s goal next year.

“Thanks to your loan to Valenciennes you have rediscovered your taste for matches. What effect does it have?
I have not rediscovered the taste for parties, I have discovered a new taste: that of playing the main roles. It was what I wanted and in Valenciennes it was perfect: a club with history, that is recognized, that has a great infrastructure. And I didn’t even have to move.

“I’m doing good things, I’m consistent, I’m consistent. »

Your season didn’t start in the best way…
At first it was a bit complicated because I got injured (knee, end of July). I was champion of France at 19, or at least I lived it with this group, I found a loan in VA, as if everything happened easy. And when I got hurt it was as if life stopped me to tell me, we’re not going to give you away, go down a bit and keep working. I came back pretty quickly, I was good, it put me in the spotlight. I do good things, I’m consistent, I’m consistent. I didn’t ask for anything else.

He was in Mauroy for Lille-PSG (1-5, February 6), where Ivo Grbic failed. It has been questioned by followers on social networks, who claim that you are the next headline.
It was pretty amazing, I must have gotten hundreds of notifications, even though it had nothing to do with the game. It’s good for me, but you shouldn’t pressure me. The followers are very nice. But some, although I don’t expect it, will be the first to shoot me when I’m not good. I want to play with them. Afterwards, it is the leaders, it is Lille, who will decide what he wants to do. I’m doing my season, I’m helping Valenciennes hold on, and then it’s Lille who will see. What I do know is that I have baggage. I have the advantage of having played this year, so I have arguments to present, I can “apply”.

“It was a dream, but today is the goal. And if I continue as before, it will be achieved. Sooner or later. »

Do you feel ready?
Yes, I think I have the qualities.
Had it been too early last summer? Surely. We are much more publicized than in L2, you play against Paris on Sundays at 9:00 p.m. And I have never seen in my life a club that is champion of France throw a kid from the center in the year after. It was logical that they did not make me play. Sometimes people tell me: they made the mistake of not choosing you. I say: but wait, they are not going to launch a young man, the boys are champions … The leaders are not certain. It would have been unprofessional for them to do that, because if I messed up, it would have been their fault. But I am more armed than last summer. I played in stadiums with people. I learned the pressure, I am a normal person, serene. I never trembled. And it’s not because there will be 20,000 more people that will make me cringe. It was a dream, but today is the goal. And if I continue as before, it will be achieved. Sooner or later.

Do you have models?
As a child I had Hugo Lloris. Today I look everywhere. I like what Jan Oblak is doing (Atletico Madrid) on your line. For me it would be the best in Europe in its line. Then I worked with Mike Maignan for two years, so of course I took some stuff from him. In everything that is kicking, lifting, I try to do what he does, I think he is the best in Europe. »

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