Lung cancer explosion among women, urged to get tested

CANCER – “The lung cancer it is no longer a disease of men”: such This is the main finding of a study presented at the French-language pulmonology congress in January 2022. Carried out every ten years since 2000, it measures the evolution of these cancers treated and diagnosed in non-university centers in France.

“What we have seen in 2020 is a very clear increase in the female contingent in the Cancer from lung″, explains the pulmonologist Didier Debieuvre, coordinator of the study. Before continuing: “We went from 16% of women [parmi les personnes] with lung cancer in 2000 to 24.3% in 2010 and 34.6% in 2020”. Among those under 50 years of age, parity has almost been reached as 41.1% of patients are now women.

Tobacco responsible for 75% of these cancers in women

In question, the development of of smoking women of the 1960s. Tobacco it is the cause of these cancers in more than 87% of cases in the general population and 75% in women. For United Statesthe Cancer from lung has already become the leading cause of death from Cancer in the woman “On expects this to be the case in France shortly,” warns Dr. Debieuvre, who fears a “real pandemic.”

“In France as in Spain, the epidemiological situation among women is extremely worrying with an increase in the mortality rate from this cancer of 3% each year,” insists Marie-Pierre Revel, head of service at the Cochin hospital in Paris.

However, 58% of lung cancer cases are diagnosed in the metastatic stage, when the cancer has already spread to another part of the body other than where it started. This greatly reduces the chances of survival.

Call for screening

Several studies have shown the benefits of CT scanning. In the United States, the increase in early detection of lung cancer since 2014 it has saved some 10,100 lives, underlines a study published Wednesday in the British medical journal. In France, this Cancer is not affected by the organized projection, as is the case with the Cancer be you for example, offered systematically to an entire target population.

In fact, health authorities fear a risk of “overdiagnosis”: identifying tumors that would not evolve in Cancer and therefore impose heavy and unnecessary treatments. However, in an opinion issued in February, the High Authority for Health (HAS) encouraged “the implementation of real-life experiments before considering the deployment of a large-scale organized screening programme”.

It is in this context that the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris has just launched a pilot study, titled “Cascada”, inviting 2,400 smokers or former smokers, aged 50 to 74, to take the test. In women, the risk of death would be reduced by 59% thanks to early detection, eight years after the start of screening.

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