Mask Singer – “They Do It On Purpose So They Don’t Delete It Too Quickly”, “Big Scam”: According To Netizens, Jurors “Pretend” Not To Recognize Mika

They are sure of themselves! Facing Mask Singer on TF1 this Friday, April 1, 2022, many netizens recognized Mika behind the Crocodile costume. An “obviousness” that, to her surprise, was not shared at all by the members of the jury. For them, of course, the four investigators purposely did not offer the singer’s name, so as not to spoil the suspense of the show…

Screenshot TF1 Direct/Singer Mask

The night of this Friday, April 1 was marked by the big comeback in TF1’s mask singerthe program in which researchers try to discover what celebrities hide behind the mascots who perform weekly vocal performances. This season again, the detective jury remains unchanged: Anggun, Jarry, kev adams and Alessandra Sublet They have returned for this third season. the same for me Camila Combal, on the animation side. The only novelties are in the rules of the game: some afternoons, a character will come to help the investigators to progress in their reflections.

And for the first time, the stars will speak in their real voices on set, saying a single word chosen by the jury. Another novelty of the season: the investigators must indicate in a secret vote their first intuition after the first clue magneto and the first performance of certain pets. Whoever finds the most celebrities will win the “Golden Ear” trophy at the end of the season.

This Friday night, viewers were able to meet the first characters: a banana, a cosmonaut, a crocodile, a chameleon, a butterfly, a tree, a deer or even a Bernard-L’hermitte followed one another on stage. On twitter, like the members of the jury, certain costumes particularly impressed: this was the case in particular with the chameleon, described as “sexy as well as terrifying” with its color variations, or that of Bernard-L’hermitte , which did not fail to glimpse the legs of the celebrity. “The most unusual costume we’ve had in three years” he said Camila Combal about her.

The crocodile made a strong impression on him thanks to its slender appearance and slim waist. In his skin-tight purple suit belted by a belt, some jurors immediately imagined he was a swimmer… But the tweets soon went the other way. Thanks to his rap performance in Je danse le Mia, users of the blue bird’s social network thought they quickly detected a small accent and recognized a voice they know well: that of the singer Mika. A clue that appeared on the magnet confirmed their hypothesis: we see a bodyguard forming a V with his fingers, which could refer to the program The Voice in which Mika actually officiated. The season’s teaser also told them that an international star was on the show…

Self-confident, Internet users did not understand why the researchers had not thought of the Relax interpreter at all. Going completely different ways, they preferred to present the names of Camille Lacourt, Laurent Maistret, Christophe Beaugrand or even Stéphane Bern… For some tweeters, of course, they deliberately silenced the obvious to add some suspense to the show. . Others even went further by saying that everything was calculated so that he would not leave the program too quickly… In short, for them this is proof that the program is rigged. However, it remains to be seen if Mika is actually part of the cast of Mask Singer this year.

VIDEO – Minute of Camille Combal

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