MotoGP Alberto Puig: Marc Márquez is angry

Waiting for the motorcycles to arrive in Argentina and then in Termas de Río Hondo to do their job, we give the latest news since the last battle in Indonesia, a battle that mistreated Alberto Puig’s troops. He was shaken by it himself, attacking Michelin quite hard and regretting seeing his spearhead injured again after another violent fall. For this first in South America, things are already looking bad since Nakagami will be lost after being declared positive for Covid-19. The Repsol Honda team manager talks about Marc Márquez’s situation, whom some say he should manage better…

Alberto Puig will only be able to count on two regular drivers out of the four on the squad at this Argentine Grand Prix whose behavior always depends on the technical state of a cargo plane… But it is rather the state of health of Mark Marquez who inspires the Spanish coach: “ the fall was bad, but the injury is less serious than in 2021. It is optimistic and also realistic to say that the recovery time will be less. It is difficult to say when he will return, with his sight it is very difficult ” is Alberto Puig.

Therefore, recovery is expected to be shorter than the diplopia episode that occurred last year. the team manager sling he explains that, compared to what happened last time, there will be no tests on a road bike to check its condition: ” it’s simple, either you can see or you can’t see. If you can’t see 100%, you can’t run. We had done those tests because it had been a long time since I rode a motorcycle. As soon as you have no more vision problems, you will return ».

Alberto Puig: « Marc Márquez is optimistic and thinks about accelerating his recovery«

Puig agree that bagasse Marquez was shaken by this terrible fall in Mandalika. At the same time, he is determined to get back on his RC213V as soon as possible: “ He is very angry, he had started well in Qatar. Then things went wrong in Indonesia. Despite his anger, he is optimistic and thinks about accelerating his recovery. I want to think positive and that everything will be fine. He was very upset, he started the championship with great enthusiasm, he had a good race in Qatar and also the tests in Indonesia, we thought he could have a good race there, then things went wrong. ».

« Unfortunately, that happened, he had a lot of accidents. He is upset, but Marc is an optimistic guy and is already thinking about how to speed up his recovery. This accident was very bad, but I want to think positive and hope that everything goes well. ” comments Alberto Puig.

Mark Marquez therefore, I would be quite optimistic and sling he is also confident that he will bounce back from his latest setback. The Honda manager cannot say when the rider will return to MotoGP, but his words are certainly encouraging. The eight-time world champion currently uses prismatic lenses.

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