Piqué is unleashed with alcohol, parties, his money and a historic controversy with Messi

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When Gerard Piqué speaks, it is rarely to say nothing. New illustration these last ones in an interview granted to a Youtuber where he evokes endless topics. Specifically, a crazy anecdote in which, after having tested positive for alcoholism at the age of 18 when he played for Manchester United, the defender today in Barca he ended up in the cell with the threat of staying there if he didn’t lower his blood alcohol level. So the Spanish defender allegedly… sucked on coins, as an urban legend taught him, a technique that apparently worked.

Taking on a reputation as a party animal, Gerard Piqué, however, claims to have calmed down. “The children and the family have given me five more years of career. Now I am calmer ”, although he gave funny advice to his players from the Andorran club, which he owns. “I tell the Andorran players that they have to celebrate. People who never party are hiding something.”

Facing Espanyol, better than sex…

Later, Gerard Piqué speaks unashamedly about his relationship with money that does not prevent him from continuing to be a competitor. “I have had as much money as Espanyol’s budget for a long time. I like going to Espanyol more than Madrid. I’m happy when Espanyol go up to the First Division because I’m going to play. I like to go out, enter the field, be whistled at. When you laugh and they get even angrier. There is nothing like it in the world. I’d say it’s better than sex. I enjoy it much more than against Madrid. It is a contained rage, a resentment of years. Those of Madrid are gentlemen and people with decorum”.

Finally, the Spanish star returned to the Josep Bartomeu case, without skimping on the former president whom he accuses of having lied face to face but also to a certain Leo Messi. “He is a person whose insecurities or wanting to make everyone happy led him to not knowing how to say no. Not knowing how to deal with problems. We haven’t seen him around the training center lately. Why will I meet Bartomeu? When he lies to me at Barçagate. The club contracts services to criticize the players. He told Leo and me face to face that he didn’t know anything. We told him that we accepted that he didn’t know anything. and that we expected him to take appropriate action. And then I found out that he knew. For him to lie to my face in such a serious incident… unless he comes forward and apologizes. I came out like an idiot to defend him…”

To sum up

Gerard Piqué, the Barça defender, gave an interview last night to a Youtuber, Jordi Wild, the opportunity to discuss many issues frankly. The Catalan defender mentioned in particular a controversy with him and Lionel Messi.

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