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PlayStation has announced its response to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. This is the new PlayStation Plus that merges with PS Now and now comes in three offers. However, there are some important differences between PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass, and we suggest you see the advantages of each of the services more clearly with this comparison.

PlayStation and Xbox looking for subscribers

Some benefits offered by PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass are similar, but Sony’s philosophy seems quite different from Microsoft’s. PlayStation seems to simplify the reading of its offers more (for example by integrating PS Now that will eventually disappear) than proposing a revolution in its market.

While Microsoft shakes up the sector and tries to capture a new audience, Sony’s strategy seems rather aimed at increasing the revenue generated by PS Now services, a service created in 2015 that will now be integrated into PS Plus and that did not find no is really your audience so far.

Below is the comparison table between the different PlayStation Plus and Xbox subscriptions.

PS Plus Essential Additional PS Plus ps plus premium xbox live gold xbox game pass latest xbox game
Online game Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Games offered per month two two two 4 4
content discounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Backups Yes Yes Yes yes, no subscription yes, no subscription yes, no subscription
games to download about 400 about 400 about 450 about 500
cloud gaming Yes Yes
total games about 400 about 740 about 450 about 500
Affected Platforms PS4 and PS5 PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PSP Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Jeux first party day one Yes Yes
Trial version of the games. Yes (titles to be defined) Yes (EA Play only)
EA Play Subscription Yes
public price per month €8.99 €13.99 €16.99 €6.99 €9.99 €12.99
Public price per term €24.99 €39.99 €49.99 €19.99 €29.97 €38.97
public price per year €59.99 €99.99 €119.99 €59.99 €119.88 €155.88

PS Plus vs Xbox Game Pass: different subscriptions

PlayStation has chosen to group its different subscriptions into a single clearer offer (same name) and in three levels. The simplest offer, called Essential, is neither more nor less than the PS Plus offer that we already know. Then come two levels that respectively give access to a library of games for download and other titles in the Cloud for the Premium subscription.

On the Xbox side, reading is less easy for newcomers as we have Xbox Live Gold (online access), Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Four different subscriptions, but with substantially the same benefits as PlayStation. Xbox Live Gold is similar to Sony’s PS Plus Essential, while Xbox Game Pass is comparable to PS Plus Extra. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is comparable to Sony’s PS Plus Premium.

The games offered: additional PC games for the launches of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Day One

Sony’s offering still needs to be refined in the coming weeks, but the PS Plus Extra subscription will offer around 400 games to download. It’s pretty much the same for Xbox Game Pass, which also offers around 400 games.

As for the most advanced offer, which especially includes access to certain games in the cloud (and therefore playable from anywhere without downloading them), PlayStation has an advantage for its more than 700 games accessible through PS Plus Premium. compared to around 500 games on Xbox Game. Last pass.

Another difference is that Microsoft’s PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions also offer games specifically dedicated to PC. This is particularly the case with Age of Empires IV, while Sony only offers games released on PlayStation consoles in its catalogue.

The main strategic difference between the PlayStation and Xbox offerings is that all games developed by Xbox studios are released directly on Game Pass on launch day and at no additional cost. This is a strong argument in favor of Microsoft, which, for example, will eventually make Call of Duty games available as soon as they launch on Game Pass. On the Sony side, President Jim Ryan expressed himself by explaining that it was today impossible for playstation offer something similar without degrading the quality of games developed by their own studios.

The price: a discount for the annual subscription at Sony

Subscription prices are about the same, but the Xbox offering has a slight edge when you look at the monthly cost of subscriptions. However, we did note that the PlayStation Extra and Premium subscriptions are cheaper for the year than the Xbox deals.

PS Plus Essential vs Xbox Live Gold

PS Plus Essential xbox live gold
public price per month €8.99 €6.99
Public price per term €24.99 €19.99
public price per year €59.99 €59.99

PS Plus Extra vs Xbox Game Pass

Additional PS Plus xbox game pass
public price per month €13.99 €9.99
Public price per term €39.99 €29.97
public price per year €99.99 €119.88

PS Plus Premium vs. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

ps plus premium Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
public price per month €16.99 €12.99
Public price per term €49.99 €38.97
public price per year €119.99 €155.88

Games in the Cloud for the most complete offer with advantages for everyone

Microsoft is a major cloud player in the world, and Xbox games have been accessible for several years without downloading in the cloud through its offering called Xbox Cloud Gaming. Even better, these games can be accessed from a browser, Xbox console, tablet, or mobile device. There are currently 353 Xbox games available through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

On the Sony side, it is PS Now that is used to play PlayStation games in the Cloud with an important catalog of more than 700 games, an advantage in favor of Sony. The service launched a few years before Xbox and the games can be accessed from a PlayStation console or PC. Remember, though, that even though Xbox offers fewer games, all those developed by xbox studios and released on console are available as soon as they are released in the cloud. This is not the case with Sony productions.

The advantage of Xbox for its service is that it is accessible on a simple mobile from anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is possible to play on vacation as long as one has a robust enough internet connection to play in good conditions. There is a way to play PlayStation Cloud games on mobile, but it’s through console streaming, which requires launching the game from your PS4 or PS5 console, which isn’t really a mobile situation.

In conclusion, PlayStation and Xbox are in the same race to attract as many subscribers as possible to their services. However, the two giants in the sector do not have the same assets today and Sony’s offer must still be clarified in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure, it is that several battles will be waged in a more visible way. That of the figures, of course, but also that of the offer and the content since each one will have to demonstrate that they have the best catalogue. For this, Sony and Microsoft will no doubt be pulling out the checkbooks to attract the best games from third-party publishers.

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