Razer invents a combination that revolutionizes video games!

news hardware Razer invents a combination that revolutionizes video games!

Razer continues to delve into immersive gaming and with its Hypersense Suit, the specialist gaming peripheral brand is hitting hard and taking another step into the future.

Science fiction has Tron and Ready Player One, reality has the metaverse – probably a little less of a dreamer, but we make do with what we have. In any case, we can count on Razer to find good ideas to immerse us more and more in virtual worlds: this is the promise that is made with the HyperSense Suit that the brand has just presented.

HyperSense may be a name that means something to you, and for good reason: is a technology developed by Razerintended to enhance immersion in the game. The firm offers in particular the Razer Nari Ultimate, audio headphones that incorporate it: it detects the shape and frequencies of the game sound to convert them into haptic effects.

Razer invents a combination that revolutionizes video games!

A similar promise is made with the HyperSense suit, a full body suit lined with 1,333,337 haptic sensorsintended to make its wearer feel all the sensations of the virtual world. “When worn, the Razer HyperSense Suit syncs with your consciousness and senses and transports you to an alternate reality that is as realistic, immersive and interactive as the real world. This allows you to play in a much larger space than the physically limited space of your desk.sums up the brand.

Immediately, the prospect of wandering the metaverse takes on a whole new dimension, and accompanied by a virtual reality viewer, this combination seems to have no limits. Obviously, Razer has thought of everything and added its Razer Chroma lighting system to the mix.just to be exaggerated on top of being HyperSense.

An innovation that smells like fish

Enough jokes: If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is Razer’s April Fools’ Day 2022.. A good joke that could have been kept had it not been for this crazy video uploaded by the brand, since Razer has accustomed us to prototypes capable of thinking outside the box.

However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the manufacturer released a real combo with haptic feedback in the next few years: today’s April Fool’s joke could be tomorrow’s essential accessory. By the way, if you still have doubts about the joke behind this product, Razer has posted a form allowing you to sign up for a beta testing phase. You can try your luck at your own risk!

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