RC Narbonnais: Faleafa-Fortuin in the second row, continuity behind… The composition for the derby against Béziers

The Racing Club Narbonnais squad has revealed the composition of the team that will play the derby against Béziers (this Friday, April 1 at 7:30 p.m.) on the 25th day of Pro D2.

Regarding the initial XV lined up in Nevers (43-16 loss), five changes have been made. Right-hand prop Pascal Cotet (cervical) and starter Jason Robertson (hand) come out of the sick bay and find a starting job in place of Matthieu Loudet and Joris Pialot. In this final match of a six-game block, which was rested, back rows Carl Axtens and Flavien Nouhaillaguet (captain), as well as scrum-half Jérémy Chaput, will also start the derby.

A composition that has undergone some last-minute changes due, in particular, to Dennis Visser’s Achilles tendon injury. This therefore lifts Dan Faleafa from third to second row alongside the unstoppable Aston Fortuin. In the third row, line captain Valentín Sesé keeps his place.

Behind, if the Campbell-Pialot hinge has been changed, it remains in the continuity of the last two meetings with Mias, Taulagi, Maraku, PH. Ducom and Goutard in the back.

Ultimately, left prop Jules Martinez (thumb) returned from injury and was back on the bench, as were hooker Jordan Rochier and third row Louis-Benoit Madaule. At the last teaching, Vakhtang Jintcharadze, Boughanmi’s medical prankster, was preferred over Matthieu Loudet to act as backup right prop.

Left prop Geoffrey Moïse (shoulder), right props Mohamed Boughanmi (concussion) and Théo Castinel (back), second row Dennis Visser (Achilles tendon), center Saia Fekitoa (knee) and wingers Pierre Justes (shoulder ), Kimami Sitauti (compartment syndrome) and Savenaca Totovosau (meniscus) are out, while third row Paul Belzons is suspended.
Hookers Aurélien Blanc and Martin Vaca, left prop Dylan Hoyeau, right prop Benoît Fontanelle and Matthieu Loudet, second rows Pierre Causse and Mohamed Kbaier, third rows Baptiste Abescat and Bill Caffo, scrum-half Luke Campbell, starter Lucas Meret, centers Lucas Lebraud and Api Nawaqatabu, as well as wingers Étienne Ducom and Guillaume Namy are out of the group.

The composition of the RCN: 15. Boris Goutard – 14. Pierre-Hugo Ducom, 13. Josiah Maraku, 12. Jamie-Jerry Taulagi, 11. Théo Mias – (o) 10. Jason Robertson, (m) 9. Jérémy Chaput – 7. Carl Axtens, 8. Flavien Nouhaillaguet (ch.), 6. Valentin Sese – 5. Dan Faleafa, 4. Aston Fortuin – 3. Pascal Cotet, 2. Christophe David, 1. Sylvain Abadie.
Replacements: 16. Jordan Rochier, 17. Jules Martinez, 18. Manuel Plaza, 19. Louis-Benoit Madaule, 20. Pierrick Nova, 21. Joris Pialot, 22. Pierre Nueno, 23. Vakhtang Jincharadze.

The composition of Beziers: 15. Gabin Lorre – 14. Pierre Courtaud, 13. Paul Recor, 12. Watisoni Votu, 11. Nicolas Plazy – (o) 10. Romain Uruty, (m) 9. Josh Valentine – 7. Éloi Massot, 8. Thomas Hoarau , 6. Jean-Baptiste Barrère (cap.) – 5. Pierre Gayraud, 4. Clément Bitz – 3. Jon Zabala, 2. Clément Estériola, 1. Francisco Fernandes.
Replacements: 16. Dorian Marco-Pena, 17. Giorgi Akhaladze, 18. John Madigan, 19. Gillian Benoy, 20. Thibaut Bisman, 21. Adrien Latorre, 22. Jarrod Poï, 23. Jamie Hagan.

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