RSA increase, fuel discount, rent control… What changes on April 1

fuel discount

green light for discount of at least 15 cents per liter of fuel I buy. The measure launched by the Government to help motorists cope with the rise in the price of diesel and gasoline comes into force from this Friday, for a period of four months, until the end of July. This reduction, which is applied directly to suppliers, can reach up to 18 cents per litre. The prices displayed at the entrance of the service stations will include the discount. This will show on the receipt. The Government has provided a cash advance for small stations, so that they can apply the reduction from April 1, just like the larger stations.

Revaluation of social benefits

Given the inflation that affects France, aggravated by the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, most social benefits increase by 1.8% on April 1. The Active Solidarity Income (RSA), which is paid to those under 25 years of age who do not have the resources to ensure a minimum level of income, now reaches 575.52 euros per month for a single person without children, an increase of 10, 18 euros compared to 2021.

The activity bonus will also be increased by 1.8%. The lump sum for a single person now reaches 563.68 euros per month (+9.97 euros) for a single person.

The same happens with family allowances, which increase to 134.46 euros (+2.38 euros) for a family of two children with annual income of less than 70,074 euros. The Disabled Adult Subsidy (AAH) increases to 919.86 euros (+16.26 euros) with a rise of 1.8%

rent control

Real estate agencies located in cities where rent controls apply are now subject to new regulations. As of April 1, they must now mention in their ads the maximum rent allowed for each property, the base rent of the property and the additional rent. 1,149 municipalities spread over 28 agglomerations will be affected, including Paris, Lyon, Lille, Villeurbanne, 18 towns in Seine-Saint-Denis and, from 2022, Bordeaux and Montpellier. According to a study conducted by the AbbĂ© Pierre Foundation35% of the ads analyzed between August 2020 and August 2021 in Paris exceeded the “legal rent ceiling”.

Supervision of telephone surveys

This framework refers to telephone prospecting around insurance brokerage. As of April 1, the broker must declare his identity, specify the commercial nature of his approach and request the client’s authorization to continue the conversation. In case of refusal, he will have to put an end to it and not call you anymore. Otherwise, the discussion will be recorded and kept for two years if an insurance contract is concluded.

End of heated terraces

The law of August 22, 2022 related to the fight against climate change prohibits bars, cafes and restaurants from turning on their heated terraces starting this Friday. Despite the cold snap affecting France until next week, heat lamps cannot be turned on to warm customers. Professionals in the sector are divided on the application of this measure.

end of winter break

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