Sick Florent Pagny: this video of his daughter Aël that says a lot about his state of health

On Thursday, April 1, 2022, Aël, Florent Pagny’s daughter, shared a video with her father and mother Azucena that says a lot about the singer’s state of health. Closer she explains.

Aël gave news of his father. On Thursday, April 1, 2022, Florent Pagny’s daughter went to her Instagram account to answer questions from her fans about the singer’s state of health. “Everything is going well” he assured, revealing at the same time a family video. In the images we can see that the coach of The voice he’s in great shape. With a hat on his head, he enjoys a walk with his daughter and his wife. lilyeveryone enjoying a good ice cream. “Thank you for all your messages” Aël added.

Please note that on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, the daughter of Florence Pagny had already shared an adorable family photo. While she had asked her subscribers to choose what they wanted to see as a shot, they asked for a photo with her parents and brother. Therefore, with enthusiasm, the young Ella had posted a beautiful family photo on Story. In the image we could see that Aël was surrounded by her father Florent Pagny, her mother Azucena and her brother Inca as well as another person. All smiles, they posed in an elevator.

Florent Pagny affected by cancer

As a reminder, Florent Pagny is touched by cancer. It was on January 25, 2022 that she released the sad news through her Instagram account. “I have to make a somewhat special announcement, I will not be able to continue my 60th birthday tour, I’m going to have to cancel all my concerts due to a health problem. Indeed, I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumor… A cancerous tumor that is not very sympathetic and cannot be operated on, so I have to enter a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and X-rays” Florent Pagny said. The singer then added: “My other half and I have to put ourselves in ‘warrior’ mode to face this rather special test” Fortunately, he can also count on the support of his two sons Inca (born 1996) and Aël (born 1999).

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