Smash Bros Ultimate: Masahiro Sakurai returns to the final character trailer

game news Smash Bros Ultimate: Masahiro Sakurai returns to the final character trailer

If Smash Bros Ultimate has received so much attention in recent years, it is not only thanks to a quality game but also to the communication that Nintendo carries out around it. On this topic, the trailers introducing a new character became inseparable from the excitement the game was causing at the time.

The video that heads this article is the trailer that reveals the arrival of the Smash Bros. license on the Nintendo Switch. It was published on March 08, 2018.


  • Secrets behind the scenes
  • Basically, there were two scenarios for Sora

Secrets behind the scenes

Yesterday, Nintendo published on its site the second part of its volume “Relive the arrival of the different Super Smash Bros fightersA soap opera in two volumes, only, involving Masahiro Sakurai. The mythical director of the saga comments on the trailers of the fighters of each hero. This second part is dedicated to the trailers dedicated to the characters of Smash Bros Ultimate. Videos that required a lot of time and work according to Sakurai”but the fan reaction was always so strong that it was always worth the effort“. A little nostalgic trip and a comment that can remember how much Masahiro Sakurai was a teacher of happening for Smash Bros:

We knew that King K. Rool was a highly sought-after fighter, so we decided to tease viewers by first making them believe he was coming, then with a joke… before confirming that he did. King DaDiDou also makes an appearance because, as usual in these videos, we wanted fighters from different series to interact to maintain the spirit of collaboration.

Indeed, King. K. Rool was a long-awaited fighter and then gave way to other protagonists who have his place in the game: Felinferno from Pokémon, Joker from Persona 5 or even The hero from Dragon Quest, but also Banjo-Kazooie from the game of the same name. For the latter, he explains using rehearsal comedy:

In this video we have used a Japanese humorous technique called “tendon” which consists of repeating a joke. In this case, we followed up on King K. Rool’s teaser video, which also helped reduce production costs. These videos have an incredible cost per DLC that are sold for a handful of euros. The ending of the video is, of course, inspired by Gruntilda’s defeat in the original game.

Basically, there were two scenarios for Sora

Additional characters that sometimes constitute paid DLC content to download, such as Sephiroth, Steve from Minecraft or the ultimate character of the game: Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Revealed on October 5, 2021, he is the latest character in Smash Bros. Ultimate:

Since this was the last fighter, we went back to the game’s announcement video to make it the grand finale. Reproducing all of these fighters in computer graphics took a lot of work! That’s why the stage is just dark, but I think it was the best thing to do. The segment taken from the game also works very well. I think this video makes a very good conclusion. I once mentioned in an interview that I actually wrote two scripts, but in the end we went that way.

one more character what is pertinent to conclude the casting and what makes us dream for the future. As a reminder, Smash Bros. Ultimate was released on December 7, 2018 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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